Monday, November 21, 2016

Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick [Review and Swacth]

Hello everyone, It's me again Margy

Today another beauty review is coming up, who is excited for it?!
You?? Oh yea~ me too! haha

I know I take a long absent from blog, 
but here I am coming back with a new beauty product to be reviewing.

Today is from Local Brand, you know..
Indonesian Beauty Product now really spread up her wings, I found many local beauty product that works amazingly wonderful even you can compare the quality to high brand US beauty product 

Back to main Topic, If you seen and following my Instagram you know I already throw a hint of this Beauty Product. It's a lip product, and yes It's from Wardah.

From the name itself it's quite tempting and really challenge me to try this beauty product.

Intense Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick means you will have no shine or glossing looking on the lips.
I loveee matte lipstick, I always tempted to buy every matte lipstick I found.
But it's also not a secret again matte lipstick mostly drying out your lips and sometimes flaky too.

This Brand also claim they have Intense color for the lipstick



then let's read more about this Lipstick with me

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Song of the month - November 2017

Hi November is here, 


Meet me again here, Margy

I've been thingking about adding new topic for my blog, so it's not going to be all beauty blog I think
Since I already add Travel story on my blog too

hehe, just wait for it, I will finish it
now, my head like just going to explode.
since I wrote a travel story like a detail travel book guide 

 So, I will be adding my favorite Japanese Song, every month from now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Life of Beauty Blender

Hi, lovely!
it's been a while from my latest update.
Sure I miss you so much

So.., today I'm going to talk about Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blender is not a new thing in makeup trend.
 But the fact that Beauty Blender still hold on until now a bit tickle me to review and compare some of it.

Does it really work??

Are this worth any penny of mine..??

What the different non branded one with the Original?

Curious, huh? why not find it more with me

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Relaxing Day at Gaya Spa Surabaya

After long holiday, and maybe a long trip
It's truly good to give yourself a little treat before back to usual routine

 I myself, would choose Spa before back in work mode.
So, a week ago I've had a chance to experience Gaya Spa


Providing many wellness and health programmes into one holistic yet multidisciplinary concept.
Every year, they always seek for and develop the newest techniques from various resources. At the moment They also consulting to Ministry of Tourism on Indonesia Ethno Spas.

As we know Indonesian have many region and also culture which make us unique.
Gaya Spa gather all about the beauty and differences of the culture and implements this on their Spa and Welness style 

 when thinking about spa, people only know about Thai Spa, Sweddish Massage,
and when it come to Indonesia we can only tell about Balinese Spa!

when we have so much more... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Japan trip 10 days | Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka (Prologue & Day 1,2)

Hi there!

finally I have a courage to share this post, haha
because this sure will be super long post and divided into few part. (well, of course!! -____-")

Is trip to Japan so expensive?
well.., expensive or not it's depend to us.
what type traveller you are, luxury, standard, or maybe backpacker.
for me Japan is still reachable
please noted I'm not luxury traveller type.

I been confuse wether to write in English or just Bahasa,
but now I decided to write it on Bahasa. so I hope this post sure can be useful to all Indonesian,
especially Surabaya. If you planned to go to Japan by your own.
I did it myself.
I did not use any tour, and arrange everything by myself.
plus you can noted also, this is my 1st time for Japan.

what will you need? 

let's see..

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty Blogger Gathering with Revlon and Womanblitz

Hai, kembali lagi di blog ini dengan acara Womanblitz yang lain, yaitu Beauty Blogger Gathering with Revlon and Womanblitz.

acara ini di langsungkan tanggal 4 Juni kemarin di Atrium Plaza Surabaya.
  Bertepatan dengan acara ini juga Revlon meluncurkan produk terbaru mereka yang mengusung tema "Choose Love" dan Revlon sendiri jika disusun mengandung kata L.O.V.E 

sehingga menjadi kesatuan, Revlon ; Love Is On.

Acara di buka dan disambut oleh Bu, Lilies Rolina, Womanblitz Chief editor dan Managing Director & MC di sebelah kanan.


Surabaya Beauty Blogger with Sonora FM and Womanblitz

Hi June!
been busy like always, but Here I am trying to catch up everything with all my might.

 On 2nd June I was inform and invited Mindy Chandra to came along with her for Our Community, 
Surabaya Beauty Blogger. It was an event by Womanblitz, more like Interview but also aired on local Radio in Town, Sonora Surabaya.

So, It was the three of us finally came as Surabaya Beauty Blogger Representative,

I never see or felt what it's like to be on aired before
This is the first time for me, also remembered I also nervous like crazy whenever I talk in front of many people or stage. Well, yeah... I shy girl woman be like..

Before it started, I prayeedd so many times so I can talk fluently (no stutter or such, haha).

Before starting..
(take a deep breathe)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 Indonesian Beauty Product that works Awesomely like Magic

Back to my blogging life, sorry kalau terakhir ini aku jarang banget update blog.
Masih berjuang keras mengatur waktu untuk blog.
(macam bagi waktu pacar aja ya, lol)

belakangan ini aku mencoba beberapa beauty product yang gak umum,
    dan beberapa diantaranya bagus banget performanya, dan juga made in Indonesia.
Yang artinya ga usah PO, atau beli online untuk dapetinnya.
gampang banget karena ada dimana aja.
Banyak yang lebih memilih produk buatan luar negri karena brand,
kualitas, atau karena designnya yang cute abis.

But, hey!
tau gak sih, beberapa beauty product Indonesia juga works amazingly!
mau tau kan? apa aja sih?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette

Hello makeup addict, I'm back with new review

in this post I'm gonna talk about Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette and yes, this palette is 
Limited Edition

I've been so long curious about the perform of Bobbi Brown eyeshadow 

is it worh it?
is it pigmented?

well, read more will ya?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hotel Quickly, your last minute booking Hotel

Hi, there!
In this post I will talk in Bahasa because, I think I will dedicate this post for my Indonesian reader, sorry.
So, If you curious about what I'm talking about, 
please just translate this post.
So, Shall I begin?

Kalau sebelumnya pada check post yang sebelumnya, aku sharing tentang Get Lost in Bali with me,
yup, di postingan kali ini aku bakal sharing gimana caranya dapetin atau booking hotel dengan harga miring di
Hotel Quickly
Last minute booking Hotel


Ga perlu takut lagi kehabisan Hotel, karena dengan Hotel quickly masalahmu itu bisa teratasi.
Walaupun last minute booking hotel, hotel quickly ini memberikan keunggulan karena kamu masih bisa mendapatkan penawaran harga hotel yg AH-MA-ZING yang ada pada hari itu.

No kidding, I just got mine!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Get Lost In Bali with me


Probably the most beautiful place on earth that Indonesia ever had .
Indonesian people must be proud because we have Bali

Everyday, many people from various foreign country came to visit Bali.
while we?

we can easily reach there,
No visa needed!

a short escape and beautiful getaway for family holiday

Today, I'm going to share a little story of mine.
Get lost in Bali! 

while you can of course

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Harvest Moon eyeshadow Palete by City Color

A harvest moon eyeshadow ??

I'm not buying CD Game or something didn't I?

Once I read the name, I just remember one of famous game from my childhood

Harvest Moon by Natsume  
 If you love farming life and playing playstation too, you might know about this game.
Okay, back!
the one I got here is Harvest Moon Eyeshadow Palette by City Color

Friday, February 5, 2016

7 Hal Yang Perlu kamu Siapkan Untuk Travelling ke Jepang

7 Hal Yang Perlu kamu Siapkan Untuk Travelling ke Jepang

(picture credit to

Jepang Mahal?? Jawabanya, ga semahal yang kamu bayangkan kok.
Mendengar  rencana travelling ke Jepang bikin bulu kuduk bergidik, bergidik karena kebayang mahalnya. Begitulah kira - kira yang aku alami dulu dan orang – orang pikir. Tapi aku sendiri bercita – cita bagaimanapun caranya harus mengunjungi Negara cantik ini sebelum umur 30 tahun.
Bepergian ke Jepang bukan tidak mungkin lagi di wujudkan, dengan adanya keringanan bebas Visa dari Indonesia. Bagi yang memiliki jiwa petualang tinggi dan ingin mengeksplore Jepang tanpa menggunakan jasa tour, ini 7 hal yang perlu kamu ketahui  agar perjalananmu nanti lebih seru.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Already??!!!

February already  O.O ????!!!

I just think about wanting to write new post on January but why so damn hard, ROTFL