Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pearl Shine Facial | sponsored by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Hello pretty, 
So I was called to attend and try Miracle new facial treatment 2 weeks ago.

Apologize for this one, I just can make the post now since I was flying this month like crazy.
works matter of course.

I personally invited by Jennie, she told me that Miracle has a new facial treatment.
and I need to try it <3

wow, thanks Jen <3

arrived safely at Miracle Thamrin 40, Surabaya.
Jennie introduce me to some Miracle's doctor and I get short consultation for my skin type before I get the treatment.

What is Pearl Shine Facial?
Pearl Shine Facial contains pearl extract which help with dullness, fine lines, and help fight aging. 

also helps for hyper pigmentation problem.

For the result, you can have a brighter face, moist, and young looking skin.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Geo Big Grang Grang Gray review | sponsored by Dreammie Chuppa

Hi there

Came back with new contact lens review.
this time is from Geo Big Grang Grang


Code : WHC -245
Color : Gray
Dia : 14,8 mm enlargement up to 16.00 mm
Life span : 12 months
water content : 42%

Early Christmas Present

Hi everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner <3
Do you guys already have some plan for the holiday?
as for mine, I already have few plan until the end of year ^^

And now, just two weeks before Christmas

In my family, we always changes gift during the Christmas time, if we were at home, 
we wrapped the gift nicely and put it under the Christmas tree.

The gift can be opened on Christmas day.

This year, I can't make it home but my sister already prepare my Christmas gift.
She gave it earlier to me <3

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hello and welcome to Surabaya, Misslyn! | Beauty Event Report

Hi there,

Last week I was invited to Join Misslyn Beauty Event at Tunjungan Plaza.

What is Misslyn?
Misslyn is Beauty Company for cosmetics from Germany. 
Just like another beauty company, they product more focus on beauty and cosmetics.

So join me to see more here!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beauty Labo in Raspberry Pink | Review

Hi Pretty,

If you see on my instagram account, I already mention that I dyed my hair before I leaving for Bali.

to the one who asked me, what kind of hair dye is it?
what color is it?
and also, where did I get those?

then stick your nose up to this post