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Hello and welcome to Surabaya, Misslyn! | Beauty Event Report

Hi there,

Last week I was invited to Join Misslyn Beauty Event at Tunjungan Plaza.

What is Misslyn?
Misslyn is Beauty Company for cosmetics from Germany. 
Just like another beauty company, they product more focus on beauty and cosmetics.

So join me to see more here!

I came early with Yessy Suwandi, and took some picture of these BEAUTY <3 <3
As Makeup lover who can resist this beauty?!!!


welcoming this beauty vendor to Indonesia, especially Surabaya.
Originally from German to Indonesia <3

and for those who love love nail polishes, 
I present this gorgeous Nail Polish!!!

lotsa shade

amazing shade of lipgloss
seriously who don't love it??!

The theme today is candy land, so cute and colorful <3

and those sexy lip cakes :*

Velvet diamond nail polish doughnut

Give me some kiss <3

beautiful decoration

who loves eyeshadow here??

and you know what, the eyeshadow quality is very nice because it wasn't powder that pressed into the palette, it was liquid that pressed into palette.

The texture also a bit buttery, not powdery.

eyeliner stock

Spot Yessy with her new toys

Foundation <3

OMG! the color is pretyyy!! yesss.. also if you see this, you can tell the lipstick is not drying type.

and let the event started!
Ana, help us to introduced the function of each makeup. 

Misslyn concept is cosmetics to seduce.

The eyeliner pencil also have an intense color and lotsa shade, with super affordable price.
uh wow!  you happy now? me too! LOL

Ana starting the demo, She applied foundation and show to us how luminous the foundation is.

and this is the famous eyelash shield from Misslyn, it will help you to protect your lid from mascara mess <3
Up and bottom

Ana done the makeup on the left side, the right side is untouch.
See the different now

-Selca time-

the left picture, met my beautiful twinnie Shasa.
on the right picture, Yessy Suwandi as beautiful korean girl. LOL

Present you now,
 Surabaya Beauty Blogger

and the puri kura style <3

From Left to right :
Ce Mindy, Yozellyn, Shasa, Kiki,
Monica Lie, Cynthian (vlogger), Yessy Suwandi, Lala,
Cathy, Shelvi, Nessya, Sekar (finally we met!)
Lina, Olin, Sabrina
Because the theme is Candy Land, Ce Mindy is winning the 1st place for the best dressed code,
Congrats Ce Min!!

and I don't know how supposed my friend call me fairy theme, I think perhaps because of the flower crown.
oh, well. I just place it there because I think my dress just too plain without it. 

Anw, I Love this blue cotton candy!
mwahahaa, feels like li'l kid again.

met the sweet Ana, thank you for the invitation darling. 
We had so much fun

Also met Ce Julia, the person whom I met on the first Surabaya Beauty Event.
Long time no see, ce.

I also brought my MUA friends here, since Misslyn also want MUA knows about their stuff. 
Here I present Monica Lie

So, finally the we are the only MUA that join this Misslyn event, my other friends cannot join the event, too bad.

Took a picture at Misslyn store at Matahari Tunjungan Plaza 3rd floor

and suddenly Misslyn counter turn like sea of people 

(photo credit by Misslyn Page)

 But we blogger had a chance to take polaroid photos in front of the counter

(photo credit by Ce Mindy)

andddd... this is the complete nail shade, if you we're curious. 
Gorgeous isn't it?

I know.. I know.. haha.
I won't deny it either, I fell in love with their nail polishes.

Full Team <3

Thank you Misslyn for the goodie bag,
I got one orange nail polish, eyeliner pencil, and glitter lipstick

and also I got voucher so I can pick another one (as expected) lol
I bought Red nail polishes
quick dry nail polish
black liquid eyeliner
purple lipstick (which is I loooveeee)
and concealer pencil 

I think I shop a lot this month, lol.

and I also got early Christmas gift, will post about it later. 

Interested on Misslyn?

find them!

or directly see them on the counter.

see you on my next post!

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