Saturday, December 13, 2014

Geo Big Grang Grang Gray review | sponsored by Dreammie Chuppa

Hi there

Came back with new contact lens review.
this time is from Geo Big Grang Grang


Code : WHC -245
Color : Gray
Dia : 14,8 mm enlargement up to 16.00 mm
Life span : 12 months
water content : 42%

beautiful pattern, and soft gray color

So, let see how it goes on my eyes.
as you guys know I have a super dark real eye color.

Not all contact lens would appear nicely and shown up on this kind of eye.

the result is..


kawaii <3
It appear pretty really pretty on my eyes.
The pattern also shown up very clear.

seriously this lens is gorgeous!
I love how the color goes on my eyes, soft but still noticable
This lens also have a brown ring on the outside pattern.
so it give an enlargement effect and dolly look at the same time.

for my super sensitive eyes, this lens work well up to 6 hours.
that the maximum time of me wearing this lenses, because a large lens effect makes eyes more tired than usual.


But this lens is very pretty right?
If you're looking for a nice gray lens with dolly effect you can try this one ^^

I got mine from Dreamie Chuppa

so just got straight to their page if you're about to have one
Facebook  | Instagram

They just doing end of year sale
all EOS only for IDR 80.000,-

just grab it fast eos fans! lol!
I already bought mine too!

Okay, I need to go now.
Bye bye

Off to work again , see you on the next post!


  1. that lens look really pretty and natural on you...
    love the color too and I just follow you via G+

  2. Aku jg ada ini cee..

    Bagus ya bikin mata jd kliatan bling bling xD

  3. Bagus banget cee . duhhh ngilerr jadi pengen