Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Japan trip 10 days | Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka (Prologue & Day 1,2)

Hi there!

finally I have a courage to share this post, haha
because this sure will be super long post and divided into few part. (well, of course!! -____-")

Is trip to Japan so expensive?
well.., expensive or not it's depend to us.
what type traveller you are, luxury, standard, or maybe backpacker.
for me Japan is still reachable
please noted I'm not luxury traveller type.

I been confuse wether to write in English or just Bahasa,
but now I decided to write it on Bahasa. so I hope this post sure can be useful to all Indonesian,
especially Surabaya. If you planned to go to Japan by your own.
I did it myself.
I did not use any tour, and arrange everything by myself.
plus you can noted also, this is my 1st time for Japan.

what will you need? 

let's see..

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty Blogger Gathering with Revlon and Womanblitz

Hai, kembali lagi di blog ini dengan acara Womanblitz yang lain, yaitu Beauty Blogger Gathering with Revlon and Womanblitz.

acara ini di langsungkan tanggal 4 Juni kemarin di Atrium Plaza Surabaya.
  Bertepatan dengan acara ini juga Revlon meluncurkan produk terbaru mereka yang mengusung tema "Choose Love" dan Revlon sendiri jika disusun mengandung kata L.O.V.E 

sehingga menjadi kesatuan, Revlon ; Love Is On.

Acara di buka dan disambut oleh Bu, Lilies Rolina, Womanblitz Chief editor dan Managing Director & MC di sebelah kanan.


Surabaya Beauty Blogger with Sonora FM and Womanblitz

Hi June!
been busy like always, but Here I am trying to catch up everything with all my might.

 On 2nd June I was inform and invited Mindy Chandra to came along with her for Our Community, 
Surabaya Beauty Blogger. It was an event by Womanblitz, more like Interview but also aired on local Radio in Town, Sonora Surabaya.

So, It was the three of us finally came as Surabaya Beauty Blogger Representative,

I never see or felt what it's like to be on aired before
This is the first time for me, also remembered I also nervous like crazy whenever I talk in front of many people or stage. Well, yeah... I shy girl woman be like..

Before it started, I prayeedd so many times so I can talk fluently (no stutter or such, haha).

Before starting..
(take a deep breathe)