Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Year and A New Start for New Home

Hello my dear, 

Happy New year to all of you, and welcome to my new 'Home' yes. This is my current home for now. I'm officially move from TUMBLR from now on. But I'm not throwing away my TUMBLR account just because I'm moving. I still keep them and also my old post on TUMBLR. Also TUMBLR still active for sharing my some of my picture <3

I also have new tabs for my blog for my weekly update, check them out too ^^

The main reason I'm moving here because I want to have a custom pretty background and sidebar which I don't have in TUMBLR, too bad T.T I love TUMBLR so much, no way I would hate TUMBLR because it was my first home for blogging. But, say hello to BLOGSPOT. 

and I hope you still can find me, because the address didn't change much, 


I've been working for this new home for the past 2 weeks, that is why no post during that time. My deeply apologize.

You can say I'm from nothing creating this new home. why? because I'm totally don't understand anything, any tools in blogspot.But thanks God, I finally made this thing works.

I hope you enjoy this my new home. You can find my instagram, facebook, and twitter more easily from now on.  check on my sidebar for more information, and my art work as well. 

So Happy Belated New Year from me, and I see you soon on my next post!