Thursday, August 20, 2015

Age Defense Cleansing Gel - Therapeutic Series | Sponsored Review

Hi there, good day
Since the day was so good today, I decided to make a new post
Remember the post I made on Instagram that I receive a bunch of beauty pamper from Miracle Clinic?
The yellow box?

 I will review one of them today,
And it’s Age Defense Cleansing Gel

This is not the first time I ever tried their product especially Therapeutic series.
Before I already tried and their eye cream check it out my review HERE.

I’ve been using Age Defense Cleansing Gel for this past two months. So I can tell you how it goes.

Shall we?

the Beginning (wedding series)

Dear lovely readers,
some of you might know, It's been few months for me after married life

and also, I'm not reveal anything with you before the wedding day itself
(and now you know the main reason why I neglected my own blog so often, for the last one year haha)
and yes because the preparation 
and one more thing..

mostly I do by myself

okay, I will just share everything one by one