Thursday, August 20, 2015

Age Defense Cleansing Gel - Therapeutic Series | Sponsored Review

Hi there, good day
Since the day was so good today, I decided to make a new post
Remember the post I made on Instagram that I receive a bunch of beauty pamper from Miracle Clinic?
The yellow box?

 I will review one of them today,
And it’s Age Defense Cleansing Gel

This is not the first time I ever tried their product especially Therapeutic series.
Before I already tried and their eye cream check it out my review HERE.

I’ve been using Age Defense Cleansing Gel for this past two months. So I can tell you how it goes.

Shall we?

Age Defense Cleansing gel
a face wash, a cleansing gel of course. The texture is orange transparent gel which is luxury looking. Cleanse the face so the skin looks younger. An act to increase the cell change and reduce the fine lines and other sign of aging.
Fit to all skin type, effective on cleanse the makeup, also emulsioning skin and fix the skin texture.
With Glycolic Acid, salicylic Acid and other brightening  ingredients from plants extract peel and cleanse the skin, make it clean, smooth, and revitalized.

It comes with a pump, so more hygienic

And I pump some of the product so we can see the real formula.
the gel is not so sticky, One pump is enough for entire face.

and I lovee those peachy scents.
yes a peach extract can really mood booster me after tired day.

I’ve been using it two month and still have a lot in there. Haha
After using Age Defense Cleansing gel, it leave my skin moist.
(you may feel like it’s the bubble still not cleanse,
 but it’s not. It do clean but leave your skin moist feeling because the formula)

For myself I think it quite good, because another face wash feel really clean after washing, 
but drying your skin afterwards and leave tight feeling on the face.
After few minutes your skin will feel more refresh 
and that the your skin will start following and adjust with the formula.

After these past two months I can say this Cleansing gel is really something.
I use it now every single day. No joke!
Since I love the peachy scents on my face

Perhaps you might to try by yourself to proven my words.
Plus it really contains a lot! I mean A LOT, you know!

I thank to Miracle Clinic for the chance
And if you’re about to know the other series of Therapeutic series please stay tune.

more information for Miracle, just visit their Clinic

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  1. belum pernah coba cleansing gel nya miracle..
    Jadi pingin coba jugaaa :)

    Beauty Appetite

  2. Batu tahu kalau Miracle punya produk skin care dech. Jadi pengen coba ^^

    Jean Milka