Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Journey

The Journey

So this might be just a boring post of prewedding picture of mine
you can just skip it when you think you can't stand of seeing to many pict of mine, lololl
pardon me *girlsproblem* #yeswedolovephotoshoot

I decided to put it on the blog just to share some of photos that we took during pre-wedding
not all, because I will just keep the rest of bad pose of mine, lol
the photoshoot mostly taken at Bali, Indonesia.


I just want to share what kind of relationship that I share with my ex-boyfriend, 
now turning to husband, uh-yea

true stories
I stay in 7 years relationship with this man before I decided to marry him

we argue, just like others.
I don't have perfect relationship or life 
I just cherish every moment I have to the max

life is never flat,
it's okay not to be perfect, we are all human anyway.
and realize this reason we are live for another to complete another.


Back to photoshoot,

 for this photoshoot I dyed my hair red.
so it's appear brown color with a hint of red on it.

Like we all can guess, 
the makeup and hairdo done by myself on all this picture

anndd.... the truth of my relationship is just like this

my real love story is not that romantic, I think we are not those kind of person
rather than that, we just like this.

Having fun, be our true self, laugh and work together.
So far He is my best partner in crime 
from food working, food hunting, until travelling

we do love travel together and other crazy stuff
(read : Mbolang)

Hairdo for studio photoshoot created by : Tomi Njoo
also my wedding hairstylist

I love Beach, and Bali Beach it's just perfect! 
thanks for reading and for everyone, can you guess His age?? lololl