Monday, November 21, 2016

Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick [Review and Swacth]

Hello everyone, It's me again Margy

Today another beauty review is coming up, who is excited for it?!
You?? Oh yea~ me too! haha

I know I take a long absent from blog, 
but here I am coming back with a new beauty product to be reviewing.

Today is from Local Brand, you know..
Indonesian Beauty Product now really spread up her wings, I found many local beauty product that works amazingly wonderful even you can compare the quality to high brand US beauty product 

Back to main Topic, If you seen and following my Instagram you know I already throw a hint of this Beauty Product. It's a lip product, and yes It's from Wardah.

From the name itself it's quite tempting and really challenge me to try this beauty product.

Intense Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick means you will have no shine or glossing looking on the lips.
I loveee matte lipstick, I always tempted to buy every matte lipstick I found.
But it's also not a secret again matte lipstick mostly drying out your lips and sometimes flaky too.

This Brand also claim they have Intense color for the lipstick



then let's read more about this Lipstick with me

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Song of the month - November 2017

Hi November is here, 


Meet me again here, Margy

I've been thingking about adding new topic for my blog, so it's not going to be all beauty blog I think
Since I already add Travel story on my blog too

hehe, just wait for it, I will finish it
now, my head like just going to explode.
since I wrote a travel story like a detail travel book guide 

 So, I will be adding my favorite Japanese Song, every month from now.