Monday, November 21, 2016

Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick [Review and Swacth]

Hello everyone, It's me again Margy

Today another beauty review is coming up, who is excited for it?!
You?? Oh yea~ me too! haha

I know I take a long absent from blog, 
but here I am coming back with a new beauty product to be reviewing.

Today is from Local Brand, you know..
Indonesian Beauty Product now really spread up her wings, I found many local beauty product that works amazingly wonderful even you can compare the quality to high brand US beauty product 

Back to main Topic, If you seen and following my Instagram you know I already throw a hint of this Beauty Product. It's a lip product, and yes It's from Wardah.

From the name itself it's quite tempting and really challenge me to try this beauty product.

Intense Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick means you will have no shine or glossing looking on the lips.
I loveee matte lipstick, I always tempted to buy every matte lipstick I found.
But it's also not a secret again matte lipstick mostly drying out your lips and sometimes flaky too.

This Brand also claim they have Intense color for the lipstick



then let's read more about this Lipstick with me

First of all I need to tell you, 
This Lipstick become such a trending topic right know, haha

I just read a lot Beauty Blogger and Celebgram wear this Lipstick too!
Just say, Jessica Yamada and Elle Yamada on her Instagram.

Just found few days ago they also share about this Lippie 

I personally don't know anything about it, I just saw this product on market and feel "itchy" not to buy this..

hahahaha...!! Girlsss...!!
you have more than 2 dozen of Lipstick and yet you want more.

Oh Hell yea it's me darling, It's me.

Look how cute the boxes, the packaging. The color is just soooo preettyyy
(I'm so suck with pretty packaging. sorry I have to admit it)

So you open the box, and find the Lipstick was designed so sleek and simple with silver lining around in the middle. To tell you the truth I'm not Impressed with the packaging inside the box, but then again.. We haven't done yet

So I only Bought 3 color for the first try
01. Socialite Peach | 02. Blushing Nude | 12. L:ady Burgundy

why I choose this color? I think this color will works perfectly well on my skin tone.
well.. we'll see..

I will swatch it first on my hand 
I'm using One swipe only!
So we can tell this lipstick quite intense

K, now let see how it goes on the lips

01. Socialite Peach
as you can see from this picture, 
Peach is quite bright and vibrant orange color.
The color also still wearable for daily use.

 02. Blushing Nude
I can add this as one my favorite for daily lip color, 
Nude is more like soft pink with a bit an orange touch.

 12. Lady Burgundy
Burgundy more like deep red wine color
It's like you done dringking red wine and put it on your lips.
The color super pretty too, it's give an elegant and glam look instanly.

Overall Review

Packaging : Ultra Cute packaging with simple design for the box. The lipstick itself was designed so sleek and simple with silver lining all around in the middle. Open the cap and twist it to get the lipstick out.
I'm not a fan of the silver design, but I think maybe the company has their own meaning to put it that way.
The plus, because the body is so thin It can fit to my smallest sling bag.

Texture : with only one glide the color quite vibrant already, the texture glide so smooth on my lips also a bit waxy at first. It might seem like going to drying out lips at first but the wax helps moisturizing the lips even after 5 hours after applied, no sticky feeling at  all.

Durabilty : Stay more than 4/5 Hours Long, you just need a little retouch after meal time. Not drying lips even after 5 hours long (please note my lips is normal condition, not dry nor flakey).

Price : arround IDR 46.000,-
( Price may vary, depend where you buy it. They offer different discount too)
I got mine at Beauty Supplier inside Atom Mall, Surabaya. Less than IDR 40.000,-

Where To Buy : Beauty Counter Wardah or Local Beauty counter that sell Wardah Cosmetics

Repurchase : Yes, definetely!
I'm in love with the color and the quality. This is the best matte lipstick so far, quite affordable too!
Doesn't drying out my lips plus the color was sooo pretty, I would like to have other shades <3 <3

as Bonus for this review I gave you shamelessly selfie with my Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick, haha

with shade Blushing Nude

with Socialite Peach shade

with Lady Burgundy shade

Which shades suit me best?

I would like to hear your comment


  1. The bold one looks pretty on you <3

    1. Thank you dear <3
      yea I might wear this bold one to party or formal event ^^

      thank you for visiting, btw

  2. duh cantik bgt kak <3 anyway suka banget sama warna2nya hihi

    1. Thank you sayang, efek lipstick sepertinya bikin cetar hihi.
      Aku juga suka bgt warna sama texturenya <3

      thank you uda mampir ya

  3. ya ampun cantik pol ce ! ><
    Belum pernah cobain ini :D
    Kayaknya bagus yah :D


    1. Ya ampun jess,ini krn makeup ajaa hahaha XD
      ini cakep banget jes dan harga tergolong murah juga. kudu coba, seriusan!
      Kombinasi sempurna untuk eksis dan dompet haha

      Thank you uda mampir jes :*

  4. Love the bold one <3