Saturday, July 16, 2016

Relaxing Day at Gaya Spa Surabaya

After long holiday, and maybe a long trip
It's truly good to give yourself a little treat before back to usual routine

 I myself, would choose Spa before back in work mode.
So, a week ago I've had a chance to experience Gaya Spa


Providing many wellness and health programmes into one holistic yet multidisciplinary concept.
Every year, they always seek for and develop the newest techniques from various resources. At the moment They also consulting to Ministry of Tourism on Indonesia Ethno Spas.

As we know Indonesian have many region and also culture which make us unique.
Gaya Spa gather all about the beauty and differences of the culture and implements this on their Spa and Welness style 

 when thinking about spa, people only know about Thai Spa, Sweddish Massage,
and when it come to Indonesia we can only tell about Balinese Spa!

when we have so much more...