Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reveal Skin Care that I've been using + HADA LABO GIVEAWAY!!

Lately I’m receiving some question from my friends and readers about what kind of skincare I’ve been using and keep on.

O_o no wonder they do that, because my skin improve a lot lately. Compared to few years back when I started blogging, acnes, whiteheads is kinda familiar to my face. Not in extreme ways, but yea.. not as good as you see it now.

To be honest, I never changed my main skincare in the past two years. Yes I tried few serum but I for the main skincare product, I never changed them since the day I found them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pretty Gray lens | Geo Eyes Cream Rayray Gray

It's been long time since my last lens review, today I'm back with a new one.

This lens have been my fave because their beautiful color, especially in photography.

My lens on the hand today is Geo Eyes Cream Rayray Gray, and mine is normal.