Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Congratz, Winner! | Hada Labo Giveaway winner announcement

Welcome back to my Blog!

Today is the announcement of lucky ladies

First, I want to thank everyone that supporting this giveaway and being honest to fill all the rules. 

I truly appreciate that, so.. yeap let's moving to the point!
 who is this 3 lucky girls?

I Pick random winner from the list using raffelcoupter, and here I got three winners!

Congratulation !! 

First Winner : 
Widya As-Mellow

2nd Winner :
Shelviana Handoko

3rd Winner :
Reni Oktaviani

Please mail me or Reply my email on 48 hours, I will waiting for your respond. If no respon on 48 hours (2 days) I will pick another winner to replace the winner.

Email :
Please send me your data :
Name :
Address :
 Cell Phone number :

Thank you so much for your participation and have a good day!