Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miracle Beauty Talks Event

Hello There!
meet me again, and here I am reporting my latest event Miracle Beauty Talk

I came a bit late, just finish my work and running to this place.

The event was held on IM Music Studio at Panglima Sudirman, Surabaya.
To be honest, this is my first time visiting this place. IM Music Studio like cafe with live music on the stage, awesome!  

met my lovely Shasa (
She was quite busy took a picture at this time, and I was took picture of her. Pardon me, LOL!


and let's roll to the event!

As it named Miracle Beauty Talks, here Miracle throw some statement and we need to choose which one is fact or myth (based on our knowledge).

and after knowing some thing that was fact, I just like O_o are you kidding me...??
hahaha, I love this fact and myth session

took picture with shelvi too here! 
she came late and I was purposely kidnap to side beside me. hoho

Pardon my super less makeup T_T

I didn't have a proper time to do makeup since I wake super early in the morning for work.

what's on my face??
guest what!

only sunscreen
eyebrow (MUST THING!)
and eyeliner - mascara 


cute pose with the myth and fact sign <3 <3 
Miracle made this for each of us at the event, thank you Miracle! 

This is mad CUTE! 

and the winner of myth or fact participant!

In Case you don't know, this event also supported by Make Over

just see this pretty stuff! UFF>>> I WOULD DIEEE>>>


I love Make Over myself, as I also use some of their stuff for my client.
worth the money and good quality too

lot of people think she is my younger sister or just some guessing we still sibling, the answer is NOPE!
haha, but I need to admit we have similar face <3 

Posing with Miracle beauty Items

Did you know, they also have CC Cream??
oh well, I'm dying to try some since I never wear CC Cream. yeap, no lie! never try any brand of CC Cream till now, because I'm stick with my daily sunscreen.

But to be honest, I'm kinda curious with CC Cream.

If you are Miracle loyal customer, then you need try this one, loh.

Miracle Beauty Booth

Group Picture : L to R
Jessica, Lala, Shelvi, Shasa, and Me
The complete Group photo : L to R

C Pauline, C Mindy, Jessica, Lala, Shelvi, Shasa, Me, Widya

Break time~~

Please prepare your tissue, I am not responsible if you drooling over this food XD XD

The decoration today just pretty sweet enough, don't you think so?

The thing after that,..

The three of us just got awards from Miracle, as best beauty blogger partner.
and I wasn't expecting I hold the 1st one


Thank youu!!

really, I can thank enough for this, I was so honor 

3rd Winner : Shelvi (
2nd Winner : Lala (
1st Winner : Yennyca /Margy (
Best Partcipant : C Mindy (

okay, moving on again..

The beauty Class is about to begin!

The stuff preparing the stuff all over the table

Lala so focus with taking picture of make over items

Look, who's here! 
It's Konita, hey pretty!

swatches some of their lippies


and I spot my fairy GOD Mother a.k.a C mindy, seriously put make up on C Pauline.

C mindy and C pauline dress and acc is just da BEST! lol!
they are sooo thematic and match with the dress code green and white

 Sadly, I can be here till the event end, I need to rush again and catch another work, out of town that day.
So here my last photo group with Jennie, the pretty girl behind this preparation with us Blogger.

Thank you Jennie and Miracle for the Invitation

Looking foward for our next meeting

I need to off right now,
This week is hectic week for me, pray for me all the post will be UP on the blog, before I flew away for my next work.

I see you soon,my angels!


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