Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Experience with Makarizo Texture Experience at Kirei Salon

Hello angels!

back again with me here,
finally had a chance to post this one too ^^

If you follow my Instagram you might be know what I'm going to share today

I got invited by Makarizo Indonesia to try their Texture Experience at Kirei Salon, Surabaya

Kirei Salon located at  Dharmahusada Indah Timur M-195

I'm quite impress with this salon whenever I stepped in, It's Huge O-O

spacious place indeed they have here

and let's go to the 2nd floor. 

view from upstairs

and, oh yeah.. selca before I forgot hahaha...
This is my hair before I got Treatment

my bangs already so long!

I came too early, I was the only person at that time. Waiting for another fellow beauty blogger to come. 
Then, please welcome C mindy!

I took her picture OOTD because she just way to cute to missing out, lololl!
C mindy always came and dressed thematic, which is make it more interesting to missing out.

so yeah, cklik-cklik!

then Makarizo staff began to Introduce to us their new product regarding this event.
 The product itself will be launch and provide at some selected salon, like Kirei Salon, Jhonny Andrean and much more.

then, choosing the flavor time. Look who is came!

 Texture Experience also available for back massage scrub, not only hair mask!~

 so many flavor! 

what to choose??

all of them looks tempting, and smells gooddddd

Uniquely Total Experience with Texture Experience by Makarizo 

Hair Massage: 

Black Chocolate
 Mint  Sorbet
Vanilla Milk
Strawberry Yoghurt
 Green Tea Butter
 Cinnamon Coffee

I finally choose Green Tea Butter
since the staff told me it help you to give a relaxation feeling

Quite tired from running from work to work. 
Time to feel a bit relax with Green Tea Butter,

I'm Ready!!

they wash my hair first with the shampoo, the shampoo also smells green tea!

have no idea why it can be like that. lol!
 Then starting giving the cream all over my head
 and slowly massage my head
 My Green Tea Butter
 The staff also told me the difference of Hair Mask and Cream Bath

Cream Bath is more focussing on the power of the massage itself.

while Hair Mask is more gentle in Massage and focusing in Treatment and some of the massage help to relax without overly do it.

 Next, I got back scrub too, and on the hands!

The body scrub I'm using here is Black Rice
 Scrubbing time

 I skipped steaming my hair, Because I need to done as soon as possible and running to another place again.
so sorry for being busy girl like this.

Sabrina steaming her hair. Steaming is about 45 minutes normally but it also depends on the person request, it can be done sooner like just 15 minutes.

Final step, wash away the cream.

 we moving to 1st floor for blow drying the hair.
due some electricity problem at upstairs.

 and now it's done!!
look how shiny and healthy my hair looks like.

To be honest my hair pretty damaged after my latest time bleaching my hair. 
since that, I vacuum on dying my hair and keep some treatment in order to bring those hair back to "life"

Hair mask is also one thing you have to do at least once in a month.
Hair Mask really help to treat those dying hair back to life.

The one I'm using at home also by makarizo, Nutriv repair.

Great Experience I got!!

Hair looks awesome, it's only blow drying effect! 

If you're doing Hair Mask at saloon I really recommended this to you. Since it smell heavenly, especially chocolate, truly have a strong chocolate scents.  For those chocolate lover, MUST TRY! NO KIDDING! haha

I love my green tea because I love sweet soft smell and relaxing too!
try to visit Kirei Salon if you want, the massage is just greattt!

I love massage, and I can tell their massage is pretty good.

with lovely C Mindy

 Me, C mindy, and Sabrina
we done with our treatment already.

while Kathrin got styled her hair by the staff.
 Olin came too!
This cutie just began her treatment.

she took chocolate flavor 
 Noticed her?
She is Tia (Istiarina Putri) Jakarta Beauty Blogger 

she came all the way from Jakarta with Makarizo staff for this beauty event along with Jean Milka.

So sorry I forgot to took picture of you Jean. >.<

Before I got home, I manage to take picture with this cutie <3

 Glad I can met you, Let's hoping for another chance to meet up!
Thank you Makarizo for having me at this event.

I don't have a full team photo group because I'm going home earlier.

go check out Sabrina, C Mindy, or Katherin Blog post for Makarizo Fashion Show.
I cannot attend because of some work.

or you can check Tia and Jean blog as well, I link their blog here.

see you on the next post angels!