Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reveal Skin Care that I've been using + HADA LABO GIVEAWAY!!

Lately I’m receiving some question from my friends and readers about what kind of skincare I’ve been using and keep on.

O_o no wonder they do that, because my skin improve a lot lately. Compared to few years back when I started blogging, acnes, whiteheads is kinda familiar to my face. Not in extreme ways, but yea.. not as good as you see it now.

To be honest, I never changed my main skincare in the past two years. Yes I tried few serum but I for the main skincare product, I never changed them since the day I found them.

“What kind of skincare you’ve been using lately?”
I’ve been using HADA LABO as my main skincare routine.

“Did it really work? I see your face is more flawless in the blog.”
Yes it did work for me. For that I can say no more than this, It might be progress that happen to my skin. I realize my skin stay quite supple in my age (compared to friends on my age) and my sister as well.
Do remember this as well, your life style is also affect to your skin condition.
A healthy life style also keep your skin stay nice. Staying up late, junk food also affect to the skin condition.

The rest is all about lightning in photography, and you done ^^

“So, what kind of HADA LABO series that you’ve been using?”
I’m using gokujyun series, as I know Gokujyun is for moisturizing. I’m using their face wash, moisturizing lotion or well known as (toner) in Singapore and Japan. I’m also using their night cream.

“So what about the serum? Which one did you use and would recommend?”
I tried shirojyun serum as well. But now I’m quite in love with L’oreal serum and pre-serum. So I will just stick with those. As I have dark spot because of the sun, I’m using L’oreal white perfect laser to help me soften the appearance of the dark spot.
Also the famous Youth code before I applied the main serum.
I changed serum and other, but I never changed my face wash & toner. It’s like I’m already trusted this to them.

Of course water and good sleep habit also became the key to achieve the perfect flawless and good skin condition. I always try never stay late., my latest time for sleep is 11.00 P.M and I usually sleep at 10.00 P.M and under 10.00 P.M
Never skip eye serum for sure, hahaha. 

Say yes for good skin ;)

Okay now we move for the good part, I’m giving away my Hada Labo skincare to my beloved readers and follower.

Noted :
This picture below taken a while ago, before I had a I haircut. so yeah, long bangs.
mature look of me.

I'm freakin love Hada Labo and still will continue using this brand!

and no, no, this is not advertising at all, haha! It wasn't paid or sponsored ^^

Easy to rules to follow


-          Must follow Instagram Margylove + 10
Repost this giveaway on Instagram and tag 4 your friends to join this giveaway
(max 1 day, 1 post)

Tell me a reason why you also need hada labo
(share with me what kind skin type you are)

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Don’t cheat, I will know it soon and disqualify the cheat entry. Sorry, But I respect only honest person here ^^

I will give it to three person
-          Gokujyun Series (toner + milk lotion)
-          Shirojyun Series ( toner + milk lotion)
-          Anti Aging Series (toner + milk lotion)
1st winner will get one of hada labo series and mild peeling face wash <3

This giveaway starting from 3 September (today) and sign up will be ended on 17 september. The announcement on 18 september <3

I made this Giveaway for my Indonesian Readers only ^^
The winner will be choosen randomly by me personaly.
So, are you ready to get flawless with hada labo? ;D

Don't forget to join & 
Good luck!
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  2. I also love this product and I also never changed them since the day I found them. I’ve been using HADA LABO face wash and lotion. I never have problems when using them.
    ((skin type: oily combination))

    thanks for the giveaway ^_^