Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pretty Gray lens | Geo Eyes Cream Rayray Gray

It's been long time since my last lens review, today I'm back with a new one.

This lens have been my fave because their beautiful color, especially in photography.

My lens on the hand today is Geo Eyes Cream Rayray Gray, and mine is normal.


I bought this lenses from Dreammie Chuppa, since they have promotion back then. I bought two lenses, I will post the other on my next post 

I'm running out lenses because my old one got expired, so it's time to have a new one. I choose Gray color 'cause I really want to have other beautiful gray lenses beside Eye Candy Belle, my fave all the time lenses. 

Go check my previous post to find out WHY
Since my real eyes is quite dark, it's really hard to get noticed gray lens on the cam, most of them won't seen unless I took picture with flash.

So, will this one work??

 On natural light, it's look natural and still seen on the cam!


I can stand all day long taking picture with this lenses, it's really beautiful!!

another close up picture

 Packaging : 
well pack and nice design label. the lens using thick transparent tiny bottle for lenses, just like the other Geo Lenses

Color :
 not the bold and strong one, still look natural and shown nice in photo. Soft gray color.

Comfortness : 
As you guys know, I said this all on my lens review, I have very unique sensitive eyes. The eyes itself is quite dry, so not all lenses fit well on my eyes. For some lenses, I can only wear them for 2 to 3 hours, and I need to removed it quickly, because it feel poignant. 

The longest time for me using lens is up to 6 or 8 hours. I can't stand using more longer than that. For this Geo Eyes Cream Rayray, I'm wearing for 6 hours, and still comfortable.

So, I include them as comfort lens on my list!

Price :
 IDR 125.000,-
still quite affordable I think not even reach 150.000,- or even 200.000,- haha

Where to buy : 
This lens is not sponsored lens, I bought this personally ^^

Star Rating : I gave it 8 from 10! from packinging, color, price, and comfortness
My last picture wearing this beautiful lenses  <3 maddd lafff <3

 Yes, I put filter on it to make it a little bit more dramatic feeling.
 I guess I need to end this post sooner.

Please keep stalking on my twitter and instagram for the upcoming Giveaway.
 I'm going to giving away some of my beauty skincare regime to all my lovely readers.

see you soon!!


  1. margy, you look stunning even more with those lenses ^_^

    btw, aku follow kamu
    mampir di blog aku yaa :)


    1. Thank you Amanda, already follow back ya dear ^^
      I bet this lens will also look stunning on you as well my dear :*

  2. yaaa ampun ci! whyyyy are you so pretty sih.. dolly banget deh foto terakhir..
    pengen culik nih boneka hihii
    aku suka banget sama softlens grey yang 3tone kayak gini ci, bikin mata lebih hidup.. hihi

    1. Bisa aja dewii *kiss* kamu juga dolly banget gituu o^.^o
      efek lens yaaa ^^
      me too! gray lens is the best (if shown) hahaha

  3. Aku nggak berani pake softlens :'| *kampungan*

    1. Gita ga usah pake aja dah gorjes, mau pake ntar aku ga laku git! haha XD