Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Song of the month - November 2017

Hi November is here, 


Meet me again here, Margy

I've been thingking about adding new topic for my blog, so it's not going to be all beauty blog I think
Since I already add Travel story on my blog too

hehe, just wait for it, I will finish it
now, my head like just going to explode.
since I wrote a travel story like a detail travel book guide 

 So, I will be adding my favorite Japanese Song, every month from now.

I always love Japanese Song since I was kid, 
I'm J-lover in many ways haha.

So, here is my favorite J-song for this month, 
some songs it's not a new release

So, here you are

A very meaningful song, also calming song.
I love to listen this song while working.
The movie clip took a train station as background
and long and empty bridge with river view behind of it. (love). 
this song also Original Soundtrack of Anohana (Anime Movie)
I also watch the anime and cryyyyyy so harddd.... T______T
I always love Japanese keep a very deep meaning inside each story or movie they had.

2. September-san by Aimer

September-san by Aimer release in this september, I Just upload it now (gomen)
from the song itself you can take conclusion of the happy and spirit they offer inside this song.

A very joyful song and lead you to pull out your best in many ways.

 3. RADWIMPS - Sparkle(OST. Kimi No Na Wa)

A very nice song from OST. Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)
a film by Famous Japanse Anime Director - Makoto Shinkai

The movie also take the location at Tateyama, Japan.

Beautiful movie and song, drop dead awesome

the movie director also the one that create "5 Centimeters Per Second"

So, that's top 3 my favorite music for this month

I will see you again soon.
 see ya


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