Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Life of Beauty Blender

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So.., today I'm going to talk about Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blender is not a new thing in makeup trend.
 But the fact that Beauty Blender still hold on until now a bit tickle me to review and compare some of it.

Does it really work??

Are this worth any penny of mine..??

What the different non branded one with the Original?

Curious, huh? why not find it more with me

You call it Beauty Blender, but yes it actually a sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage. 
{for foundation application, countouring, cream blush, and so-on}

1. Original Beauty Blender

The First and Original Beauty Blender firstly come with pink egg shape with pointed head. Then, another color and another brand following launch their version.

The Famous and Pioneer of Beauty Blender is This Original Beauty Blender. Later, they came with some new variant like Beauty blender micro, beauty blender pro (black color)

For the shape it was quite unique.
It come with egg shaped sponge but also has a pointed tip so easily reach small part of the face.

How to use :
It can used dry or damp.
Once it touch water, it become a little bigger and more bouncy.
I personally loved to used it damp, but it back to you again.

use any way suit you best 

review : 
I love how bouncy the sponge is, and the nice coverage for foundation that I applied with this beauty blender.
But I need to this one is quite pricey.
Price : $20 or in Indonesian shop and online shop around IDR 285.000,-

 2. Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real technique also launch their version of beauty blender a years back. As usual of Real Technique style their beauty blender came with bright orange color.

As for the real technique also has a different shape . although the main form of retaining the shape of an egg but he has an inclined plane cut as the basis. and keep a pointed tip.

review :
although you have it damp,
I can say this beauty blender has a dense texture compared the original pink beauty blender.
at first I love this one, but sadly after having Original Beauty Blender this one no longer be my favorite.
Blending foundation with this beauty blender having no serious matter actually, but still for covering and blending foundation nicely I still vote for the Original Beauty Blender despite their high price.

Price : $6 or in Indonesian shop and online shop around IDR 105.000,-

 3. Masami Shouko Beauty Blender

Masami Shouko also launch their own beauty blender, and it also hot pink!
compared to the Original beauty blender, masami shouko more rounder and a little bit bigger.

But overall they have similar appearance

(unboxing the beauty blender by Masami Shouko)

review :
Of course it can be use dry or damp andd.. I will prever damp, 'Coz the sponge will more bouncy and also help to blend out more nicely. make sure you squeeze out excess water before applying.

This Masami Shouko Beauty Blender has a nice and bouncy texture like the Original Beauty Blender. Because they have a wider part than other Beauty Blender, this help you to apply more quickly.

Price : available in any Indonesian store like Kay Collection, Matahari Dept. Store and SOGO in Surabaya, IDR 92.900,- or about $ 6.8

Since I lived in Surabaya, 
I can found many brand that maybe still rarely heard.

4. Mercy Professional

I bought this one at local beauty supplies in Surabaya called "pengampon" it was basically a street full with beauty salon supplier store.

Mercy Professional, I'm still unsure are this local brand or imported china beauty tool..
okay just skipped it for now.

(neon green beauty blender with their common shape)

review :
even already damp but this Mercy Professional Beauty Blender doesn't have a bouncy texture. This sponge's pore is quite unseen, reminds me with Real Technique Beauty Blender. They have similar dense texture.

Price : Bought this one at UD. Star in Pengampon for IDR 12.000,- or arround $ 0.8.
Mad cheap I know. But well, the quality is just so-so. not really that bad, but not my fave thou-

5. Himeyi Beauty Blender

as from the font and the name I can say it's from China (lol)
I also bought this in the same store that I bought Mercy Professional.

(okay just jump to the next photo for more detail)

(Himeyi or should I write SHimeyi?)

 review :
The shape is just like the common shape of Beauty Blender.
and the color comes with many variant, but I pick nude color. Since I already few color, lol.

This sponge has a wide pore I think it would be nice and bouncy too after it touch water.
But I was wrong, haha.
I used it after damp, but I can say it still hard like a rock and even hard and dense compared to Mercy Professional.

It just like normal foundation but less bouncy.

Price : Bought this one at UD. Star in Pengampon for IDR 12.000,- yeah, super Cheap I know. 
 It might be okay for beginner use, but I don't recommend it for professional use.



Beauty Blender with good quality will help you blend out your foundation more evenly and having a smooth finish in the end. If you're go for professional use I highly recommended you to investing on good Beauty Blender, because.. I will not lie it would make your work easier.

a smooth finish create a best canvas. yes?

Rating :
The Original Beauty Blender as 8
Masami Shouko Beauty Blender as 8
Real Technique Miracle Sponge as 6
Mercy professional Beauty Blender 6
Himeyi Beauty Blender as 5

If you living in Indonesia you can bought Masami Shouko because IMHO the quality more closer with The Original Beauty Blender and better price of course.

Does Beauty Blender is worth every single penny?
for me, yes it does

How about you?

Lemme know on the comment box below

see you on my next post!


  1. I never have a good experience with Masami Shouko product but after reading this review, I think I'll give them another chance. I'm not huge fan of sponges but I find it rather useful when I want to do my makeup in a hurry. Super helpful article, Thanks :)

    1. Me too, I'm not a big fan of Masami Shouko myself but for their Beauty Blender I need to admit their quality. Price and the quality just make sense to me, haha.

      thanks for visiting, Rahayu ;)

  2. Wah padahal aku lebih suka yang real techniques daripada masami shouko karena yang masami terlalu keras. Belum pernah cobain beauty blender sih tapi :"
    Katanya yang merk olive young dari Korea bagus, yang daiso juga katanya bagus :)


    1. Halo Rani, salam kenal :D
      Oh ya, aku jadi penasaran nih sama brand yang kamu barusan sebutin. thanks for sharing ya rani ^^

  3. What a comprehensive beauty blender review. Nice! Thank you for writing such informative post :)

  4. aku punya yang RT dan masami warna hitam, masmi lebih keras kalau dibanding sama RT:/ salam kenal kak :D


    1. Halo Isthi, salam kenal :D
      aku ga punya masami yang hitam sih ya jadi ga bs komentar banyak,
      tapi apa sudah di basahi pake air dikit pakenya?
      kalau aku pribadi lebih prefer masami ketimbang RT, lebih fluffy sih.

      thank you uda mampir