Thursday, August 20, 2015

the Beginning (wedding series)

Dear lovely readers,
some of you might know, It's been few months for me after married life

and also, I'm not reveal anything with you before the wedding day itself
(and now you know the main reason why I neglected my own blog so often, for the last one year haha)
and yes because the preparation 
and one more thing..

mostly I do by myself

okay, I will just share everything one by one


the Beginning

My life itself mostly influence by western culture
as I loveeee their wedding concept
So of course I rejected the idea created invitation with old chinese culture with all that bloody red on the invitation then maybe they add a bit of gold color as their reflection of happiness.

urr.. yeah...
don't get me wrong, my parents also love that kinda style
but fortunately they also let me to freely choose what kinda invitation I like to be.
Since it's my wedding anyway, haha thanks mom! I love ya!

thank you for the sosmed nowadays and pinterest 

I got the Idea there and here is the final result of my invitation,
yes it's handmade.
me and boyfie create it by ourself.
(..sounds crazy..)
(.. but yes, we are..)

Call it private wedding or anything
because I didn't call many people to it,
just my family and close friends.

Since I want those people sharing the same moment and emotion with me.
as I come at their wedding to, I also want they become part of my wedding

That's also the main reason I insist to make my own wedding invitation
I really want that people know, that you're so important to me 
Made it with love <3

The envelope also using stamp and the name tag was printed.
all design by boyfie, thanks to him my dream now come true.

a real western invitation


and for souvenir

I just ordered it from souvenir supplier, since at that time we also work on the invitation.
we need to focus on one.

and since I got the one that suit my style so it's ok.

The color combination is just pretty and 
they also play with the fonts as their design, love it!


it's almost reach 3 months for me,
the new life keep me more busy.

But I hope I can beat that, haha

So, what do you think?
will you make your own invitation for your wedding?
but please don't do if your guest more than 300 hundred people, it's killing! 
hahaha, seriously!

I see you on my next chapter lovely!