Monday, July 20, 2015

Daily Essential


It's already long weekend in Indonesia, many people, family back home or visiting other families in other city.
and me I would choose to stay at home nicely this holiday.

and today, I will just lift one topic on my blog
Recently many of my clients and friends ask me like what kind of treatment or product that I use for the face.
FYI ; my skin is still far from perfect ( I have dark spot which I hate the most, and still try to get rid off it )
I don't know why people still ask me for it, LOL

Since one year ago I became a fan of L'Oreal and when I see my skin looks fit with it, I continue with that. 
So here is my daily essential, 
the things I use for daily makeup and also skincare routine

1. Hair Brush from Body Shop
2. Misslyn Terracotta powder SPF 20
3. Loreal Lipstick
4. Innisfree Eco Safety no sebum Sunblock SPF35 PA +++
5.YSL L'Homme Libre
6. L'Oreal Blush Lucent Magique blush in Fuschia Flush
7. L'Oreal Lucent Magique foundation N2
8. L'Oreal Youth Code
9. L'Oreal White Perfect Laser serum
10. L'Oreal Eye Cream

Already using Innsfree sunblock for these past 4 year, and I will continue my use.
 This product is just great to control oil on my face, protect my skin from UV and still block away all that sebum. so skin less from comedo.

and I love L'oreal skincare series!
ps : I'm just a fans of L'Oreal <3

just applied skincare twicedaily, morning and at night before you sleep.

well., Off for now <3 <3 <3

see ya!


  1. is L'Oreal Eye Cream really effective for eye problem??

    Btw, daku baru nulis lho, main yah :D

    1. it works for me, I need to moist my eye area, but it doesn't work for dark circle. Sleep earlier is the best eye cream I ever had.

      Thanks for visit ;)
      yea will visit yours too <3