Thursday, July 2, 2015

LANEIGE is coming to Surabaya o^o^o

Hello Lovelies,
I'm back after my quite long hiatus, pardon me.

I finally tied the knot on may ^.^ and take a long holiday for honeymoon,
still haven't finish with that yet, I still need to moving to new house with hubby.

But I try to finish that quick and back to my usual life at work and blogging.
so here is the latest update of my blog, should be posted this on may but I got permission to late post this event because of my wedding and thing.

May is wonderful month to me, since many event comes on may. 
But because I was also busy for my wedding preparation, I can't attend all event.

and Laneige is the only Event I can come at that time, just about two week before my wedding.


Laneige open counter at Matahari Department Store, Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya.

Laneige itself known as young premium beauty brand from Korea 

To commemorate the opening new  beauty counte, Laneige hels a special gathering with it's loyal customers and beauty bloggers. Also held a makeup demo by Laneige's makeup Artist to get the "Korean Glam Party Look."

 Makeup Corner <3
who loves color?? Open yours eye wide with this beautiful color of Laneige collection O.O

Some of beauty blogger for Surabaya region, we met, chatting, during at event and I need to capture this moment. XD

and sorry Lina for wrong angle >.< uhuhu, but this pict the best picture I have to showing you how crowded that time

 The event is about to start, after giving an opening speech. This counter officially OPEN

 and of course our special ritual for every opening event <3

Congratulation Laneige!!
So happy to be part of your moment
and the event moving to Tunjungan hall ground, we will watch the Korean makeup Demo.
and for the talent, they choose Olin to help.

MC is ready on stage and sorry for the bad lighting.
I tried the best I can T.T 

but when the real lighting is blue is just like nothing you can do to avoid it.

 MUA is in action, Giving her a base that skin will look glowing.
Korean know for their famous glowing skin 
healthy and glowing.

So, let's jump to the end result.
How is her with the new look?

look fresher and glowing, yes? I think for the same thing too ^^
Great job, sir 

and gratz to Olin, for so brave sit in front of many people.
If it's me I will not that brave, because I kinda shy and have stage fever LOL.

faint in front of many people already la*

I go to the event with minimal makeup and simple outfit,
I wore blue to match the Laneige brand itself. 

and here is the detail for my natural everyday makeup. just eyebrow, eyeliner, and suncreen.
I avoid to use much makeup on daily basic to keep my skin on it top condition.

Thank you for your kindness Laneige,
we got Snow BB Soothing Cushion and Water Sleeping Pack EX to try at home.

One is Laneige famous product is Snow BB Soothing Cushion,
so if you interest on what kind of thing is that or maybe a review just let me know about it.

You can also find Laneige at Faceboook

I'm going off now. 
will post about my wedding detail and my honeymoon trip to Japan on another post 


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