Friday, July 10, 2015

Japan Haul from my Japan Trip

I rarely put my haul on the blog, because sometimes I got so lazy to take a picture of it, lolol
Pardon me, *lazy blogger*

But for this trip, I bought so many souvenir because this is a long trip.
so yeap, two days after my wedding I flew to Japan for honeymoon trip

Japan is well known as country of cute thing, unique,anime,  fashion and yeap also as expensive country.
But, the good news is the original stuff from Japan that you bought in your country is waaayyy cheaper here.

so, here you go I snapped a picture of my haul on this picture, this is still not all of it lololl.
I bought many things to parents and my sister too.
but the picture will not be uploaded here because I so lazy to picture every single thing of it, pardon me 

I bought small pouch for mom and grandma too.
and body perfume for sister in law.

Bought This sock at Tutuanna when I visit Takeshita Dori in Harajuku 

 These two also bought from Takeshita Dori at NO FALL
the white shoes is sooo pretty, just like the shoes I've been eyeing for so long.
the baby blue one is wedges and so girly looking, decided to bought them all instead regreting it later 

 Bought this baby at Shibuya 109 
uh -la -la

I love pas-tel-co-lors

 One of the cutes pouch in Japan, how could I resist?!

  and my hair need love too <3
pastel color again from Lucidol, and this is a hair wax

I flew at the end of may means the end of spring,
The weather is still freaking cold for someone who cannot bear the cold like me >.<

I only bring one leather jacket to help me to reduce the cold weather 
Usually live for 27-29'C here but I need to take the experiment 17-19'C 


Bought many socks and stocking at Japan to help me to against the cold, well it works! 
You should try too!

 also bought Slim UP socks to try LOL!

A mask is a MUST haha, I also bought this mask for my mommy and sister

what a pretty <3
Bought this pretty bottle at Tsukiji, this is actually a tea leaves can.
for matcha or sencha

I bought 4 four, one for my grandma, mother, me, and my sister

Canmake Collection 

Famous Makeup from Japan, you can find this all over drugstore like Matsumoto Kiyoshi 
 affordable price and so cutee

bought some of their cream blusher to complete my collection
powder blusher
Lip balm rouge
and pastel nail polish

Since I'm trying lighter hair color again, I need brow mascara in lighter shade
there is Visee, Kate

bought maybelline eyebrow pencil because the color blonde as well, haha
also trying these two mascara ^.^v

I lost my eyelasher curler in Kyoto and I bought the new one at Osaka,
the day before I got back to Indonesia

 I shopped for make up at Hankyu Mall

Decided to bought these cute babies <3
powder blush from Laduree

and Guerlain Meteorites in Claire

dunno why decided to but this when I don't even a big fan of banana >.<
perhaps I only hypnotized by it's packaging

dear me, you so sucker for packaging, *shootmela*

 This is my ultimate weapon at makeup jop
usually use to correct the eyelid
but I use it as eyelash glue and eyelid.

bought at Indo for normal price at SOGO for IDR 155.900,-
and for heaven sake, I got wayy cheaper here.

*O* ~~~~~

So I need to stocked UP!!!

 I plan to visit Japan once in 4 month so I can stock up again whenever mine is running low (kidding)
I wish air ticket will be much cheaper of course will do that la~

 Last but not least, 
going to Japan will be not entirely OFFICIAL if you not even buy a HAIR DYE

and for overly obsessed with light hair color, a girl like me would not skipped this chance

one box for only 600 yen OMG!!

I usually bought it via online or at singapore which is wayyy expensive that this one, same brand.
and yes the shipment is  so crazily expensive

because Japan is so far.

I plan to keep this hair dye and until I get bored with my current hair color, I will just use it.


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    1. Kelihatannya banyak bgt padahal gak juga XD banyakan oleh oleh buat keluarganya tapi aku ga masukkin di sini. hehe, anyway thanks for visit <3

  2. itu hair colornya naksir , bisa dibagi gak ce #kedipkedip Muahahaha

    1. hahaha, aku juga naksir bgt nessyaa makanya ini tahan2 diri beli secukupnya XD

  3. ah hair colornya ^^
    wedgesnya bagus banget..!!

    1. iyapp, hair color kayaknya must have di list belanjaan ke jpang ya, soalnya harganya murah bgtt XD
      dan sepatunya enak bgttt, ga nyesel belinya.

  4. Meanwhile barang yang saya bawa pulang dari Jepang malah tokyo banana dan keluarganya, kitkat dan keluarganya, dan snack-snack lainnya :))