Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Picnic! A Market with a view

So, I spent my last weekend with food hunting at 

Project Art Plus are the main thinkers behind this event, always succeed on every wedding organizer bring them to make an event at Surabaya

Like a food market in Picnic concept
everyone wears casual, just like a Picnic 

This event held at Platinum Grill Graha Family, started on 3-5th July
The Picnic itself open from 3 PM till midnight!

I finally can join this event on their last day.

This is our first stop, 
mostly people know it as meatball but for easier, Indosian call it 'pentol'

weird I know, but taste so yummy!

-the crew-

If you're food lover, this is more than enough to fill your hunger XD XD
food, drink, from grill to cake

and event a GAME!

hahaha, great!
a perfect weekend I have

You can choose any cookies you like here

and for me I choose A Durian pie for myself
and this is my 2nd stop, since I love Pie so much. 
This is a must!

3rd stop!

I also got a chance to try A spaghetti bolognese by my friend!
thank you ce Dwi!!

your spaghetti are always awesome XD XD

with my Durian pie from Just Pie.
the taste just sooo heavenly because it's Durian and sooo freaking real in my mouth.

I also bought chocolate pie, but forgot to snap a picture of it.

How you spend your weekend?
this is how I spend my last weekend.

I hope you have a great day
<3 <3

love always,

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