Thursday, March 26, 2015

My excitement news

Hello everyone!
I finally have a time to greet you again
First of all, pardon me for being away so long..

But now, I finally can reveal the reason of my absent during these few months!

As you know, I'm rarely update my blog near the end of the year  2014, and it's continue this march
Pheww.., I've been suuuper duper hectic during that time.
For I finally got engage to my boyfriend


Planning this for over a years, and we decide to choose a valentine days

I also took care everything by myself, that's why I'm soo busy and drowning on the preparation.
It's really not easy to settle all little things for the engaggement, since I'm still following chinese tradition

From looking and ordering for a cake,
we also make bag design by ourself.
go to dressmaker for the gown
I also make my own headpiece (maybeIshouldnotmakeit) LOL
looking for cargo company to ship all the cakes, Since the event is held at my home.

But thanks God, I finally pass this one too ^^

He gave me a surprise white rose hand bouquet which is my fave, thanks love <3
Looking forward for years to come with you

Photographed by Sumitro Moo 
Thank you ko Moo ^^

And a picture of my beautiful mother <3 

I love her the most! Thank you for always loving and caring me, mommy <3

last but not least, I also do my own makeup and hair for the e-day, plus my mom, LOL
her hair and makeup is also by me <3

and plussss, I'm just telling you, with this,.
I'm back on the blog business, LOL

just stay on the blog for moreee new things we shared
Love y all!



  1. wuaahhhh finally congratulation jiejie ^^
    ditunggu post-post berikut nya ^^

  2. Congratz yennnnn!!! So happy for you ❤️