Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pearl Shine Facial | sponsored by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Hello pretty, 
So I was called to attend and try Miracle new facial treatment 2 weeks ago.

Apologize for this one, I just can make the post now since I was flying this month like crazy.
works matter of course.

I personally invited by Jennie, she told me that Miracle has a new facial treatment.
and I need to try it <3

wow, thanks Jen <3

arrived safely at Miracle Thamrin 40, Surabaya.
Jennie introduce me to some Miracle's doctor and I get short consultation for my skin type before I get the treatment.

What is Pearl Shine Facial?
Pearl Shine Facial contains pearl extract which help with dullness, fine lines, and help fight aging. 

also helps for hyper pigmentation problem.

For the result, you can have a brighter face, moist, and young looking skin.

are you ready?

let's begin now

1. Antiseptic spray
 given everytime I start doing facial, they also spread on my hand so keep it sterile

2.Relaxation with aroma theraphy

3. cleansing, toner
before applying on the face, remove the makeup and so on so you guys can see my bare face.

4. Pumpkin peel

Enrich with Vitamin A which is good for regeneration skin.

aroma theraphy and relaxation should be on the on the 4th step, since we miss it, I need take

5. Massage for face and head.

6. and yes, the most scariest step is extraction for black and white heads

7. Ozone
helps kill bacteria and remove dead skin cell.
I know my face shown weird expression, because I feel  a bit hurt when I get ozone.
I think because after extraction and it also kills bacteria.

8. Red Light application
this is works well to stimulate collagen and for regeneration skin

9. Serum with Galvanic

10. infusion filler pad 
help to minimize the fine line

11. get ready for the mask!!
the mask really white as a pearl and if you look up the detail, you will see a bit shimmer powder shown up

this mask contain pearl extract for smoother and brighter face.

mask all over my face.
(sleeping pose)

now I need to wait over 10 -20 minutes
before the mask clean up.

12. toner
after removing the mask, I was given toner to my face

13. day cream and sunblock

 Finally done <3 <3

so many people thay day coming for treatment. I guess because the holiday effect.

I feel so refresh after pearl shine facial.

Pearl Shine facial leave a soft and moist effect for a whole day.
 Jennie also told me that this facial also perfect for a person who just came back from winter holiday, because it help moist skin more after winter season.
Thanks Miracle Aesthetic Clinic & Jennie for having me.
Such a great experience I have

Last picture, I promise. hahaha

for more information or if you want to get treatment just go straight to their clinic!

Head Quarter :
MH. Thamrin 40, Surabaya 60264
Surabaya,  HR. Muhammad
Jl. HR. Muhammad No 42
Phone : +6231 731 6902
Fax : +6231 732 1620
Surabaya, Kertajaya Indah
Jl. Raya Kertajaya Indah No. 81 Blok O - 123

Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza
Tunjungan Plaza IV 4th floor 4.04-06
Jl. Basuki Rahmat, Surabaya
Phone : +6231 5452797
Fax : +6231 534 2597
 I see you soon on my next post!

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