Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beauty Labo in Raspberry Pink | Review

Hi Pretty,

If you see on my instagram account, I already mention that I dyed my hair before I leaving for Bali.

to the one who asked me, what kind of hair dye is it?
what color is it?
and also, where did I get those?

then stick your nose up to this post

 I'm always use Liese for dying my own hair, because it's more easier for the texture is bubble.,,
And also one box of liese is enough for my entire long hair, my hair is medium for the thickness.

I can't hold myself not to try this beautiful shade.
But, unfortunately this color was not Liese, it's from Beauty Labo (Hoyu)

the shade name is Raspberry Pink, I really want to try reddish tone, since I get tired with brown tone already.
Brown share will slowly goes orange too, and also my last time experience with Liese (the shade also familiar like this one) doesn't come like it has to be.

so decided to bought this!

I bought my Beauty Labo for $9 for one box.
Bought this at Watson SG
Since this one is not bubble hairdye, I was suggested to use 2 box.

Since my hair is quite long and the thickness is medium (aww...#sadface)

Here we got inside the box :

- Instruction papper
- Plastic Gloves
 - Cream Colorant
- Cream Developer

 Clik this picture to see the detail picture of the instruction papper

make sure you read those papper before use the hair dye

This is my hair before dying.
My roots is pitch black and it almost reach half of my hair length.

the rest is the left after my darkest brown hair dye and my latest bleach from the very last time.

on progress...

this hair dye also contain coconut and almond oil which also help nourishing the hair, less dry after coloring.
The scents also not so strong, just like Liese
 I left it for 45 min, and the result is just....

welcome RED!!

First Impression : Even this cream hair dye and I do it on my own, the color is quite neat and nice.
but the application sure is super messy.

 under the sunlight, it shown the color.. 

 Why this post took so long?
I want to make a real detail post about the hair transformation.

this is 3 day after I dye my hair, before I leaving for Bali for work.

and also I especially dye my hair for my upcoming photoshoot, so yeah.. 

almost 3 weeks after dying

The pink shade is faded, but still showing through softly. 
It become more reddish brown to me.

The yellow is trying to peek up, since it was the rest of my bleaching part >.<

But, still..
The color look pretty!

and oh yes, I finally got my bangs back
Get Fresher look with this? haha

Hair cut is by Tomi Njoo
Check him out on Instagram

Pretty Lens from Dreammie Chuppa
This one is Princess Mimi in Gray, also bought this for my latest photoshoot.

will share the photo soon <3

Conclusion : 

- The application is messy, and hard to do it alone.
- all you need is already in box
- doesn't dry out my hair
- the color is really nice, but it's looks like the color won't last for so long (for red shade)
- Cheap! one box only for $9 SGD. ( I use twoi box)

Repurchase ? 
Maybe yes, but next I will try the bubble one.

andd, what do you think? is this hair color fit me well?
not lol!

well, I think that's all for this time
See you soon!



  1. wow the colour looks SO nice! di indo ada yg jual ga ya.. :')

    1. dear Astrid, setau saya sih ada. coba cek Facebooknya Miaw Lens aja, dia jual banyak barang beauty dari jepang. :)
      Hope that helps

    2. i will :) thanks a lot! btw cece pake 2 box pas apa sisa banyak ce? :D

    3. aku pake 1 box setengah sebenarnya. tapi aku ga simpen yang separonya karena takut berubah di simpan kalau lama. mungkin kalau lain kali udah tau takarannya, jangan di campur aja, di bagi separo, yang di pake baru di campur. jadi berikutnya bisa buat retouch root gt ^^

  2. Warnanya lovely banget , jatuh cinta aku ce . U look so pretty and cute . i adore u

    1. thank you nessya sayang <3 you are so sweet darling :* :*

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you shelvi sayang <3
      awalnya sempet ga pede, tapi lama lama warnya turn down. jadi lega hehe

  4. Warnanya bagus banget
    pas aku liat di watson uda naksir cuma takut hasilnya beda sm kotak
    untung km ada review *___*)

  5. the color looks good on you~!!

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