Saturday, December 13, 2014

Early Christmas Present

Hi everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner <3
Do you guys already have some plan for the holiday?
as for mine, I already have few plan until the end of year ^^

And now, just two weeks before Christmas

In my family, we always changes gift during the Christmas time, if we were at home, 
we wrapped the gift nicely and put it under the Christmas tree.

The gift can be opened on Christmas day.

This year, I can't make it home but my sister already prepare my Christmas gift.
She gave it earlier to me <3

She gave me a beautiful tensa with Christmas theme <3 <3

it's soo pretty!

also she tell me that she ask the same theme for her and my mom, so it will be the three of us wearing the same Christmas theme tensa.

The pastel green box just complete the whole packaging perfectly 

This beautiful tensa also came with green swarosky, 
see mine?

cute reindeer

and of course the bell's <3

This is perfect match for my welcoming my Christmas time
Thank you sissy for this beautiful gift

If you just curious where she have it, she ordered mine on

LINE : Craftwonderland


So, do you guys already have a plan for this holiday?
Do you guys also have this kind of tradition at home?
I would like to hear it

well, I see you on my next post