Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bangkok Beauty Event Report and Discount alert!

Hello pretty! 
Meet me again here.
 last week I was invited to Bangkok Beauty.
What is Bangkok Beauty? 
well just jump and read more here, I would gladly introduce this to you

Welcome to Bangkok Beauty

Laser Hair Removal

as requested we come with Orange Dresscode to match Bangkong Beauty theme

my outfit that I specially bought for this event, lol! I don't have orange themes clothes on my closet. 
*sad face*

Met another fellow blogger that time, Left to Right; Jessica, Lina, Shasa and Ce Mindy.
and also Katherin and Sabrina, hellow there <3

Cathy look gorgeous with her black witch cap hoho.

 Meanwhile C mindy busy took a picture with Ellysa and I busy capturing them ^^

another group picture with Jessica and shasa

Kathy is going to do some spell on us! 

before the main event get started we busy took a picture of everything including Lina's pretty nail art that she made and soooo macthing with the theme right now!

Good work Lina, so pretty and detail

Sabrina also try her best to capture Lina nail art

Orange Pie, XD XD


Sneak peak of the treatment room!
we also got orange pillow on it, so cuteeee <3

Then the owner come and begin the introduction about the treatment. Basically they was using laser hair removal just like you find on other beauty hair salon removal. 

The different here, she told us that she using SHR systems which is different from IPL.
Like we know IPL was using on other hair salon removal, while SHR? O_o never heard about it before

Wynnie the owner, brought this machine from thailand, so you might not find this machine on Indonesia, LOL!

she also told us SHR is advanced system from IPL and also better option. 
wonder why? because SHR is combined of the laser and IPL system

IPL : works on smaller area, so you need to do it few times at the larger spots
SHR : can works on a larger spots, so you can do it one time to finish it all.

with SHR you can smaller the pores and brighten it up. while you do traditional waxing the result can slowly darken your skin because the irritation, ah yes and also less painful ;)

 Before do the treatment, client need to fill some quiz so they can qualify which skin type you are.

 and Ce Mindy is busy fill her quiz

 After filling the quiz, here we begin the procedure.
They put this clear gel all over the legs, and we also told it feels cold like an ice, but it need to feel cold to help the procedure.

 Here we go!!

unfortunately after this, we cannot take any picture because it can't allow to make sounds and blitz. 
only Vlogger allowed to take video for it., so sorry guys.

you may check Cynthian as she is the only Vlogger at the time LOL

waiting outside with others

the owner, also introduce us to this, "ka.me"

This body spray and deodorant can be used after treatment., because it not allowed to use any of deodorant and spray after treatment.

But you can use this ka.me after treatment because it's 100% natural, plus this ka.me also have 24 hours protection, so you no need a thing to worry.

another volunteer, hehe..

before do shaving they need to draw a pattern so it more easier clean and more detail.
shaving before SHR
and after shaving, uh wow.. it's super pretty.
and it's just with shaving process. after this she need to get SHR and I can take any photos with it.

bye bye..

waiting the volunteers to get done on the outside.

For you who curious about price list, oh well. I do the same as well hoho

some of this photos credit to Ce Mindy Blog, Thank you Ce Mindy! <3 <3

And another good thing coming up!

(valid till 25th nov '14 )

10% to All treatment package.
If you are student, you're lucky enough and get 10% off! just show your student card here.

30% off for Underarms and Bikini Lines package!! O_o

You came with your friend get 10% discount extra for this.

and lastly, mention "BangkokMargylove" and mention my blog to get 10% discount beside all those discount!

Lina and the owner of Bangkok Beauty <3 
thanks for inviting us!

Our goodies box before going home. 
Pict of shasa and me <3

Lastly photogroup!

Thank you for this lovely goodie box!

Bangkok Beauty
(Hair Removal Salon)

Jl. Klampis Jaya 33 D
031 - 592 4660

IG : bangkokbeauty_id
Twitter : @bangkokbeautyid
Mail : bangkokbeauty168@gmail.com

I see you again soon pretty! 

- margy -


  1. Elsa??? Elsa is Anna's sister from Frozen, Yen... My cousin's name is Ellysa >.< LOL. Nice post!

    1. Thanks for letting me know cc. sorry for the miss-written name >,<