Sunday, June 19, 2016

Surabaya Beauty Blogger with Sonora FM and Womanblitz

Hi June!
been busy like always, but Here I am trying to catch up everything with all my might.

 On 2nd June I was inform and invited Mindy Chandra to came along with her for Our Community, 
Surabaya Beauty Blogger. It was an event by Womanblitz, more like Interview but also aired on local Radio in Town, Sonora Surabaya.

So, It was the three of us finally came as Surabaya Beauty Blogger Representative,

I never see or felt what it's like to be on aired before
This is the first time for me, also remembered I also nervous like crazy whenever I talk in front of many people or stage. Well, yeah... I shy girl woman be like..

Before it started, I prayeedd so many times so I can talk fluently (no stutter or such, haha).

Before starting..
(take a deep breathe)

Ms. Lilies started to open the conversation and talk about beauty community in Surabaya, Surabaya Beauty Blogger. Her sweet voice calm us to answer the question one by one. She also let us answer the question she made one by one. 

Nessya talking about how her role model in beauty blogging, can you guess? it's Sasyachi!
yes, pretty beauty blogger from Indonesia.
she also mention about her love in beauty blogging and her work into fashion industry.

Mindy also mention her role model Xia Xue, Famous blogger from Singapore.
if you know.. haha.. XiaXue is really super pretty like a barbie.

As for me, my one and only role model is Michelle Phan.
yes she is not blogger, more like youtube guru.
But I love and adore her since she share beauty tip and make up tutorial.
she encourages many woman to take a part and change their life with makeup.

Because I'm not good on video editing, I'm turning sharing everything I got into blog.
that's the first step I made on 2011. 

Then I made Surabaya Beauty Blogger Facebook Community on 2014,
to gather all the beauty lover and of course the beauty blogger for Surabaya region.
so we here, can share in one group also easier for us to gather information for each beauty event.

This group open for everyone interest in beauty and such.

on 2012 we only small group, only 7 bloggers are in.
until today, Surabaya Beauty blogger has 96 member with 31 active blogger.

I hope this community can grow more bigger and help spread beauty trend


Here in Surabaya Beauty Blogger we share about latest trend and beauty event in Surabaya, as it named for Surabaya. 

Thank God everything went so smoothly.

(carefully listen one by one)
 we also often asked, what is Beauty Blogger?
well, for you who doesn't have a clue or idea what kind of thing Beauty Blogger is..
I will explain a bit about it..

We are working, writing on the blog, we call it blogging.
from photos and writing, sharing the information about beauty related. 
such as review product makeup (mostly), skincare, and event like launching new product and so on.

also not a little from us collaborated with a company, depend of what kind campaign they have.

happiness in the broadcast room.
sharing is always a caring, we all girl after all..

Last but not least, thank you Sonora Surabaya and Womanblitz for having us!
It's a new experience we have that day.

Full team photo!

please visit for your daily inspiration
and also
Join us Surabaya Beauty Blogger today, because sharing is Caring

see you,

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