Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Harvest Moon eyeshadow Palete by City Color

A harvest moon eyeshadow ??

I'm not buying CD Game or something didn't I?

Once I read the name, I just remember one of famous game from my childhood

Harvest Moon by Natsume  
 If you love farming life and playing playstation too, you might know about this game.
Okay, back!
the one I got here is Harvest Moon Eyeshadow Palette by City Color

City Color

 Never heard before?
City Color was making debut firstly in 2013 on IMATS Los Angeles.
the brand itself was from USA

Of course we not so familiar with this brand since it not selling in Indonesia.
some seller bought it online and sell some of their product here.
So, yeah. There is no counter available

If you're a counter girl typical to shop, I'm so sorry for you. You need to bought it online,
or.. find some store that happen to join any market in town.

This makeup line is cruelty free and some of their product also paraben free 

I usually buy my makeup collection online

but for this one is different, I bought this eye palette when I walk around in town.
the shop also sell aunthentic makeup product ( some price are higher ) 
like nars etc.

But City Color is new from me. and I also check the quality before buying one product.
then decided to buy this one.

Here is the swatch of the Harvestmoon Eyeshadow Palette

Picture taken with Indoor Lighting

and with direct natural Light

My Opinion : This eyeshadow have a buttery texture IMHO. Some shades also pigmented, some also miss. But mostly show up nicely, I don't even use an eyeshadow base for this swatch!
Packaging is just so-so
But Oh, Please.. I don't even give a f*ck for packaging anymore. as long it's not annoying or fragile
This eye palette also very affordable. I bought it for IDR 165.000 only

The fact the eyeshadow pretty good, so I can give score 7.5 from 10
 I've been using this for myself and even for my client.

So, how about you? would you like to try City Color makeup?


  1. i've veen eyeing this palette for a while. thanks for the review♡

  2. I'm seriously think about the harvest moon game when the first time I read the title *lol*

  3. Cii kalo blh tau beli di olshop mana ya? ����

    1. aku kemarin beli di bazaar say. Coba cek Insta makeupcabinets dia ada jual HTH

  4. cee tbh aku jg langsung keingetnya sm harvest moon yg game PS.. sdih trnyata ga berhubungan #eh hahaha xD

    1. aku juga pas liat namanya langsung mikirnya gamenya. bukan makeup rinnn xD xD pasti dulunya main juga nihhh hahaha

  5. Harvest Moon by Natsume!
    Oh what a sweet childhood!
    Pigmented banget yaa..
    Bagus deh

    1. Iya ini suprisingly pigmented, padahal sempet ga yakin awalnya.
      Pastinya main harvest moon juga ini ahaha