Thursday, April 7, 2016

Get Lost In Bali with me


Probably the most beautiful place on earth that Indonesia ever had .
Indonesian people must be proud because we have Bali

Everyday, many people from various foreign country came to visit Bali.
while we?

we can easily reach there,
No visa needed!

a short escape and beautiful getaway for family holiday

Today, I'm going to share a little story of mine.
Get lost in Bali! 

while you can of course

I've been Bali so many times, but I keep enchanted by it's beauty

 Blue sky,
 Bali everyday holiday atmosphere never fail to impress me

This time I visited beautiful Conrad Bali for my bestfriend wedding
She is like a sister to me

The Chapel view is truly beautiful 
Behind this Chapel is actually the beach but somehow they managed to create an infinity sea view from chapel.

Oh well, I came so early.
so I can take some picture while waiting the bride come

inside the Chapel

after done with wedding party I move to Seminyak.
The party itself was held in Nusa Dua Convention Centre

Because it's far from the crowd, we decided to move.


 Check in Astana Kunti Suite & Villa in Seminyak
me with hub choose this apartement type

You can say this hotel have a pretty nice room with super wide space.

Because it named apartement, of course you have kitchen Inside.
and refrigerator.

the good part is the living room 

It somehow look super comfy, made I want to jump into it!

but don't worry you just need to shut the door to have some privacy

The view from my balcony

Forgot to tell you, I got the second floor room.
that much better, because 1st floor would be so noisy because more nearer to swimming pool.

take a walk to the back yard

This hotel has 2 typical of room,
The apartment type and one bedroom villla with private pool.

perfect for you if you stay for honeymoon

and because I can't swim (forgot to bring any swimsuit)

I just sat in front of the pool (poor me)
[main air doank yee]

Bali have many amazing place to visit. 
You'll never get enough with new place in Bali

and I also make promise to myself that I will explore new place that I've never been before
Open the eyes to the nature and open wide your knowledge

Finally visited Ayana.
like wha...ttt??

yes, I visit Bali many times but never once I visit Ayana 

and this time
Hub take me to see Ayana Rock Bar, that famous place in Bali

Dunno why so famous

Casual outfit, super mininal makeup with my ashy hair

Rock Bar Ayana Resort & Spa Bali
Opening Hours : 04.00 P.M - 02.00 A.M

Breathtaking view while waiting for sunset

To get down there, we need to queque for elevator
the elevator itself has maximum capacity like 7 person including the staff.

If you staying here you get priority to get the elevator faster.
Because they divide the que into 2 lines. staying customer and non staying.

Rock Bar is actually a Bar located near the beach
The bar was build above the rock

I choose the seat with beach view

Unfortunately when I came downstairs  it's already dark.
All I can see is dark beach on the night and the sound of waves only.

the waves sounds also almost covered with Rock Bar music itself. 

but well, at last I can see so many star in the sky in this clear night.

Because me and hub not a fans of loud place like rock bar (boo..),
 after enjoying our time there as we think enough,
we back to hotel.

Because our hotel so close to seminyak area,
 the next day me and hub just walk around seminyak and sightseeing 

this trip I didn't visit many cafe like I used to
I just pick some of them.

Enjoying the last day we stay. 

I thank God for this chance,
for having a job I do love and to spend a day with the one I love

Greatful for what I have,
a never ending Blessing in my Life

surrounding by amazing people in my life
accepting a mistake and learn for it

inspire and also inspiring

Life is such a waste of waiting, we need to create
and finding what best within us.

 while you have a chance
 go to a new place you never been, learn everything surround you.
keep the good vibes and spread.

I hope you enjoy this post.
and hope to see you soon on another trip post of mine.

see ya!


  1. cakeepp semuanya~ kapelnya, kamarnya, orangnya lebih cakep lagi hehehe~