Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miracle Mid Year Festival | event report

So, I was invited to Join Miracle Clinic Mid Year Festival

They are spreading news and promo for their new treatment.

On this chance I cannot took from the begining because I came a bit late and unfortunately I don't have any companion beauty blogger on that day, so I was alone. Jennie accompany me at the the launch session, lucky me. <3 <3 thanks Jennie

 Here is the new treatment <3

Miracle Slimming Facial

Look at the model, the left side getting the slimming treatment, even the eyebrow position become more up and  more tighten. We all know age make our skin aging and these kind of problem is truly normal for aging.

But with the slimming Facial, we can know have the younger effect. 

Moving on, I took around and take some picture for the decoration. The balloon decoration matching the main concept of Miracle Mid Year Festival.

 Some of their loyal customer also shown up at the event

then while waiting we have another guest,.. 
They pleased the customer with their awesome voice

 and beautiful MC Model Management by Edy Rizaldy
Make up from Rever Academy

Peggy Hartanto for Bateeq

 The model had given the mask and waiting for the final process

 Miracle Nose Beauty Perfection

Some famous way to achieve high nose :
- Hiko Thread also have meaning as High Nose
- Filler
- Botox

but here Miracle using Hiko (in korean language) thread to achieve the high nose.

- Less down time
- Less pain
- Less Risk
 They start the demonstration on the model to show the result, but first they will give her local anesthetic so she won't feel hurt.

Here is the appearance of hiko thread

Then they will put it in the middle of the nose and push the side together so they would appear taller.

also open with Q&A session

last session was closed with the fashion show session <3

This time collection was from Bateeq by Batik Solo

Would like to try the new treatment?

just visit their Clinic for consultation first ^^

Head Quarter :
MH. Thamrin 40, Surabaya 60264
Phone : + 6231 566 3939
Fax : +6231 5664861
Surabaya,  HR. Muhammad
Jl. HR. Muhammad No 42
Phone : +6231 731 6902
Fax : +6231 732 1620
Surabaya, Kertajaya Indah
Jl. Raya Kertajaya Indah No. 81 Blok O - 123
+62-31 5999 872

Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza
Tunjungan Plaza IV 4th floor 4.04-06
Jl. Basuki Rahmat, Surabaya
Phone : +6231 5452797
Fax : +6231 534 2597

Margy is reporting from

Originally written by Margy 

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