Friday, June 13, 2014

Pink Sakura Tensa by Craftwonderland

Being Elegant, it's not only about lifestyle it's your attitude.
 Branded thing won't make you look elegant, classy yes, but elegant is on your personality.

Say hi all to those pretty and elegant woman all over the world!

Mother, sister, friends and yes, YOU also!

Dress up like lady like and wear those accessory! 

Tensa beads it's sooo popular these days <3

Tensa beads create an instant elegant feeling to your outfit.

You can also customized your own tensa beads! to create your own personality. Where to get it?

Okay! I'll let you guys know <3 <3

I got mine from

They sold many handcraft and tensa beads just like mine, and the more interesting your stuff is limited so you won't find more like yours, there is only few. 

Mine here is Pink Sakura Tensa 

 Using combination with pink and white also they let me to choose my own Charm v^.^v

I choose paris and pink sakura flower as a charm to complete the whole design and combination color.

Lovee lovee this one 

 hello arm candies <3 

 Black lacey outfit to complete the whole look. so girly and lady like fufufu.

 selcas <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you Craftwonderland for this beautiful Pink Sakura Tensa

for all my beauty reader on the blog, you can get 10% discount after minimun purchase IDR 250.000,-

You can Order Via Website 

Line : Craftwonderland

Stay pretty and happy weekend <3


  1. cantikkk bangeet ci >_<
    charm nya bagus yaa :D

    1. Thank you dewi <3 <3

      yes, agree.. this one really pretty

  2. Awesome blog and wonderful blogger with stunning content.

    keep up the good work Margy..