Saturday, May 3, 2014

Playland from Lulla | The first knot hairties store in Indonesia [ sponsored ]

Hello and welcome back again to my blog

Have you heard Lulla before? 

For you whom not familiar with Lulla, I'm going to do short introduce for them. Lulla is the first knot hairties store in Indonesia <3
The best I guess.

You can also check my previous post about Lulla HERE. 


They Kindly sent me some of their product for review purposes and I was freely to choose what kind of hairties that I want to try. 

Since they just realize their newest colorful hairties I choose that One. <3
It called Playland, this collection represent Summer!

A colorful and vibrant shade play altogether in one design, so much love.

Every Pack has a four hairties and mine has 4 different type,
The Rainbow polka
Beautiful Rainbow stripes
Playful Rainbow Wave
and Chic Green Glitter

Love my colorful hairties, as I can use it as arm candy, perfect match with shirt that my mom got me from Thailand.

 and,also can work as hairties! Brilliant!!

I can change my hairstyle so suddenly with this, just in case I got bored with my usual hairstyle. And maybe because of sultry weather you can just tied all those hair and create pony tail with these.

The best part of Lulla hairties?

no more tangled hair after tied your hair with these hairties


not kidding here, I tried myself and it works!

 another selca with polka arm candy <3

you can use one if you think two is just too much. But for me I love to play and try different style.

 My lens here I bought from Tomato Online Shop, my fave shop for lenses.

So, have you tried Lulla Hairties before? 

Make sure you haven't missin' out because they so pretty!

and sometimes I also love to work with Classic hairstyle *grin*

Playland IDR 58.000,-


08175077553/ Line kikicoroline

stay pretty Lulla Id

I see you on my next post!



  1. Lucuuuu,,,multifungsi,,, good,, very creative,, aku juga kyk gitu,,, satu barang tapi bs berfungsi sebagai macam2,, nice nice (^^)

    1. yeappp aku juga suka bgt brg multifungsi begini ^^ thanks for visiting dear

  2. lucuuu warnan warni :D
    lens nya pake apa ce? you look pretty <3

    1. Thanks hun <3 , geo xtra sakura lens nya. :D