Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Updated my latest fave lenses | Geo Xtra Sakura Blue Review

Talkin’ about my latest fave lenses that I use for my review and photo shoot <3
For some that have been asking for it, here you go!

I bought this lenses personally, I’ve been eying this lens for soo long, really love the pattern  and color shade. Visit Tomato Online Shop because I bought this beauty from them.
<3 <3 <3

Neatly and safe packed, so they can arrive perfectly on my hand.
Geo Xtra Sakura, and mine is blue shade <3

See??? How cute this lenssss!! Aww!!!
I love the black ring on the outer side because It create a perfect and dolly look for me.
Okay, since you all know… (I hope so, heheh) I have original dark brown ALMOST BLACK eye, let’s see how this lens work on my *ahem* pretty dark eyes. Lol

On the natural day light..
So pretty and cute <3 I mean the eyes! Hahaha, I know that I’m not that cute lah! XD XD
But Thanks for the lens v^^v
I look prettier and cutier hahaha,. Maybe I need to put this lens on my daily look? Lol!!

Note : I rarely put lenses on my daily activity and I only wear super duper natural day makeup without lenses, fake eyelashes, and sometimes without eyeliner as well!!
I bet you will not find me on the crowd, lol!

 Packaging : super good and awesome <3

Comfortable enough for 4 to 5 hours using., The longest time I can bear is 7 hours. I can’t use it more than it because my eyes quite sensitive. So afterwards I let my eyes breath and feel the air <3
But, I think for non-unique eyes like mine, don’t worry this contact lens should be very okay for u.

Specification :

diameter 15.00mm

B.C. 8.70

water content 38%

duration : 6 - 12 month

 I bought this lens from Tomato website and the lens itself cost for IDR 105.000,- per pair.
Super cheap! Yeaa <3 

Tomato Online Shop 

Thank you for visiting my blog, I see you on another post!



  1. cantik ce! lama ga nongol tambah flawess hihi


    1. thank you dewii hehe. <3 <3
      so are you darling :*

  2. very beautiful lens *__*