Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kinkee Wig in Coffee | Review

Lately wig kinda booming, many girls and blogger use wig to enhance and change their hair color instantly.
I do love wig, for me having a wig like having an instant hairstyle in many ways. Short, long, colored!
And also I believe having a wig like a saver from your bad hair day. When you need a quick survivor just put them on. <3 <3

So I bought another wig this time. My latest wig about brightlele 2 tone, you can check the post HERE

This time I bought Kinkee wig, I heard a lot of good compliment about this wig. Then I decided to give it a try <3

I also compared it with my Brightlele 2 tone, so we can see the differences.
The left side is my Brightlele 2 tone in MT/BM and the right side is my Kinkee wig in coffee shade
Brightlele is made from Japanese fiber while Kinkee is made from synthetic  fiber kanekalon. This picture show that brightlele look more smoother also less shiny compared to kinkee.



Kinkee look a bit shiny compared to brightlele but still look sooo good!
My pose with my kinkee coffee. I upload this photo on instagram and also claim that I having a new hairstyle along with side bangs.

I want still having my long bangs but I’m kinda missing my side bangs so, Kinkee is my instant answer hehe.
I feel like going younger and cuter with the bangs. The color also pretty! Mad loveeee

I bought my Kinkee wig from Pinoko Beauty
At the time mine was cost  IDR 250.000,- I got promo, so lucky

You can find the shop on Facebook and Instagram 

But the respond kinda slow because I think this shop got a lot of customer, need more patience if you’re going to shop with them, but all is ok I guess.

I personally bought this wig as a review purposes only. What about you?  Yay or nay for a wig ?

Lemme know and see you on the other post!
I’m off!! XD XD

lotsa love

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  1. yay for wig !! aku uda punya 5 wig kalau dihitung hitung hahaha bener2 bikin kecanduan memang
    nice review, salam kenal :D