Monday, April 7, 2014

Pro Artist Brush Belt from BH Cosmetics | Sponsored Review

Been busy with the work these day. I even had a hard time to spare my time for blogging life. So here today I'm sharing my experience on finding the right brush belt. Finding the right brush belt for makeup artist like finding the right matte that you're work with.

And to be true this kind of brush belt really hard to find in Indonesia. Mostly they don't sell it separately with the brushes. So if I want to have a brush belt I need to bought the set brush too~!

Things I can't do. because my brushes is mixed. I'm not using only one set brand of brushes. I mixed them altogether. This is the appearance of my old Brush belt.
 I really love my old brush belt. It have nine hole per side the upper one came more bigger than the lower one. I used to put the face brushes on top and the eyeshadow for the bottom. the bottom hole can get for two to three eyeshadow brush, depending on how big the size is. 


This brush belt also made in synthetic leather. 
I love it but my brush belt not even reach one year old because of this thing,..

I Rub the leather with my finger just a gentle swipe and you can finally see small black particle cling into my finger.. and the bad part this is also happen to my makeup brushes. 
Worse thing that ever happen..

This black particle which is I believe came from the synthetic black leather brush belt also clinging to my makeup brushes. Whenever I do makeup for client this black particle also clinging and ruin the whole makeup. I swipe My face powder and the particle also there and it's really hard to wipe off even with hand.

So I layer tissue paper as protector before put and keep my makeup brushes to the brush belt. This is happen before I have the new one.

Continue ..
I finally get new brush belt, as I said before I search everywhere... any brand that sell brush belt and I finally found two brand that sell brush belt. My first brush belt is from Makeup show, I don't want to take a risk, waste my money and waste my time for waiting and using same product that have a possibility broken in the same case. NO, thank you.

I found e.l.f and BH Cosmetics.
as BH super famous just like brand Coastal Scents I'd like to try their stuff. <3

I ordered this brush belt from TwentySeven Shop
My sponsor and also friend of mine. 

a little Sharing :
I've ordered this brush belt before from another online shop, but after waiting so long I can get it because my stuff was taken by Indonesia custom duty. *sucks*
So after I failed got this brush belt, I ordered again and finally got this from TwentySeven Shop as a Birthday Present! OMG, Thank you sweetheart!

Please take a look of this gorgeous brush belt <3 my love <3

the deepness compared to makeup show is quite similar.. the only different BH Cosmetics has narrow hole compared to makeup show but just a little. fit for 2 or 3 eyeshadow brush for the second line. 

 The material also made from synthetic leather, let's hope BH Cosmetics had a better quality compared my last Brush Belt. So far I'm satisfied
Twenty SevenShop also tell me because they ordered the stuff from singapore and bring it to Indo by hand carry  this kind of stuff will just passed safely from custom duty. So it's really safe to shop from them and less heartbreaking. lol.

To be truth I'm kinda heartbreaking whenever I knew I can't get my stuff. which is mean, I need to wait another weeks to get my stuff. waiting is truly boring

So if you want to place and order them, just check it here:

TwentySeven Shop Facebook 
or Email
They still open pre order until 2 May  for :

Get 10% Discount by minimum purchase IDR 150.000,-   for E.l.f, BH Cosmetics, and Coastal Scents by mention my blog : margylove

The main reason I was absen from the blog because I need to work out of Indo several times, from middle february to april , back to Indo no time to play at all, another work is waiting then pack for another flight again, Endless Job. But I thank God for this opportunity. 

Oh yeah please stay tune on the blog. I'm going to do some giveaway again soon <3

with lotsa love <3 <3



  1. bagus yaa kualitasnya ci.. hihi akhirnya punya juga yaa..biar si brushes ga lari2 kemana2 :D

    1. semoga ya wi hohoho., so fas sih so good <3
      sebelumnya dh ada, tapi ini sempet pending dpt yang baru. akhirnya ganti juga deh ^^