Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red is IN - Introducing Divine Red

Hello everyone
Met me again, margy. Today I would like to share some style that I think quite popular these days.

What is it?


Yes! a red and bold lip color become so popular. 

I know for some country it's very common for woman using red or bold lip color for daily activity. But you know, Here Indonesian we have a different mindset for red lipstick.

red lipstick means old, too bold, even naughty girl.
Slowly the makeup influence scrape the definition of the red lips itself.

RED is Hot, Sexy, and Strong personality.

Introducing.... Divine Red..

Divine Red is Bold Red lipstick produced by PAC Martha Tilaar. Professional Makeup Range from Indonesia. 

Sleek design and all black dove wrap this beautiful red lipstick.

Has a matte finish, quite moisturizing. long lasting? Yes they are. For the price PAC still in affordable price so you guys no need to worry, less than 100k.

 Time to swatch on the lips

and selca for the last touch <3
 Have you ever try to put some red lips?
or do you intend to try some?

Go ahead and do so!
sometimes we need to change the look a bit to get a fresh and different look on one moment.

see you on my next post! 


  1. cantik banget! warna lipstick nya bagus...jadi ingin juga :D
    aku kalo pake lipstick merah biasanya yg dari NYX matte lipstick :))

    1. thank you imelda, ^^
      aku juga suka NYX matte lipstick, texturenya creamy dan lembut di bibir. :D
      anyway thanks for visit ya <3

  2. Kyaaa!! bisa aja deh riniiii, rini lebih sexy yahuddddd *0*xixixi