Monday, March 3, 2014

Introducting Moon Claire | Lulla ID

Oh, Hi, Hello!
we met again!

I'm going to share one exciting news about the first knot hairties & hairband store in Indonesia. Please welcoming Mon Claire ^^ or we should call it as Lulla ID now

 100% handmade accessories
They sold hairties and hairband the first you can find in Indonesia.

Hairties itself became so popular since Michelle phan also mention about using hairties as a gift on Christmas day.

Mon Claire | lulla, sent me few hair ties to try and they kindly sent me few color range, so I can mix and match with my outfit.

From basic to lace and end up with glitter! ^^

The color option and the pattern drive me crazy! They are so pretty!!

 They also available in Hairband!

Basic vs Lace

  I love to mix two color together because it give you a casual feeling yet sweet look. Thanks to the lace pattern ^O^

and you can also use it as a hairties, cool isn't it ?
whenever you need extra help for your hair just tie it with mon claire ID.

The headband 
My white hairties coordinate <3
Want to have your own hairties?

check out their latest promo and stuff  Instagram: lulla_id an

The first knot hairties store in Indonesia
20% of the profit will be donated for charity.

email : lulla_id @

See you on the next post darl 



  1. cc , itu kulitnya mulus bangett , share makeup/skincarenya dong cc :p

    1. @catherine widjaja : thanks dear! haha, okay di tunggu aja yaa