Monday, February 24, 2014

Going Darker? Why not? | Garnier Hair Dye Darkest Brown Review

Hi There!
I'm back from my busy life. I'm going to share you my new hair and current hair for now. If you're following my instagram, you guys would know that I change my hair color maybe almost for one month, yes!

Here I come with the review, what product I've been using and how the color goes after few weeks after applied. 

So, here we go!

I see this Garnier hair colour at local supermarket, and because the price is mad cheap, I ended tempted to try this on my hair. it's only IDR 33.900,- 
whaaa???? o_O!!!! why nottt!!!

They called this nourishing permanent hair color., I read "nourishing" word so I say to myself it should be okay, and it's Garnier too!

Just like we read before it's cream hair color, different with my usual hair dye liese which is bubble hair dye. So I need some help to put this hair cream on my hair., my house mate do it for me <3
My color I have here is Darkest Brown. Actually my boyfriend suggest me to go black, but I didn't dare and I'm not confident to do so >.< I feel so plain with my original black colour., but I'm already tired too on how people stare at my yellow, almost blonde hair. -____-"

and the most funny thing that happen is my boyfie said that I was too far across the Jordan river  -_____-" .....theeee hell??** he said again the only thing appear from far is the yellow thing (my hair) -_-" uh.. okayy, that's enough to know that He didn't like my hair color.

colour information, the result you will get based on your current hair color.
Here I also get plastic gloves for the coloring, we just need to mix these two thing and apply slowly on hair.
and this is the last thing that made me even more want to going darker. 
My original hair color is pure black, and due my hair color at the moment was super light when the root appear I need to retouch and retouch. I already retouch for 3 times and I don't think I will keep going. 

My hair grow quick, only one month and see what they can do to this hair T.T

I can't just go to saloon everytime just to touch up the roots because it's super expensive, so yeah. Let's going darker, no more retouch. lol!

My hair appearance before coloring.
Aafter I leave it for 35 to 40 minutes I just rinse off and dry it. For the first time I see myself on the mirror I'm jjust shocked....
MAN...!!!! this is not darkest brown!!! this is BLACK!!! >.<
anddd the weirdest part is my hair is just black like anime cartoon because it's just overly too dark and even more black in real life...

But, I looked up again and I started to like it! because it's just different from my original black color, the colour just like I'm wearing black wig. lol! so unique. 

Here is below my first applied hair color result, and the right photo is 2 weeks after applied. The hair is toned down and become brown slowly (with a hint of red)
I love this hair dye and I love the result as well, it doesn't dry out my hair but have a strong scents. I don't really like the scents but, it's still ok. 

Ah yes, I'm using 2 box for my long hair. 1 box and half actually ^^
so far, Garnier do a great job, and I would like another color range next time.
Bye bye blonde, welcome darkest brown. 

Have you ever tried dye your hair by your own at home? Share me your stories. 

see you on my next post!

- margy -


  1. say good bye to light hair T-T haha, emg repot bgt ya ci klo hrs retouch bolak balik >.<
    you're still pretttyyyy in any kind of hairstyle ci :*
    ci, aku lg adain giveaway di blogku ^^ ikutan yaa hehe

    1. iyaa, susah maintainya shel, skrg di istirahatin aja rambutnya. Hehe

      Okayy shell tengkiu sayangg for info, bsk meluncur ke tkp yaa hehe

  2. black hair always make skin look lighter :)
    love it *always in love with hair colour

    1. thank you nataly. ^^
      yeap black hair is timeless!

  3. rambutnya jadi berkilau yaa ci hihi
    tetep cantik rambutnya hitam hihi

    1. thank you dewii <3
      pilihan besar dari bertahun tahun berwarna jadi gelap. ahahaha.

  4. wahhh tp hebat jg ya ce catnya, warnanya bs langsung item gt, pdhl sblmnya kan rambut cece warnanya terang.. :D

    1. iya nih rinnn!! padahal dlu sempet bleaching loh yang ituuu. tapi hebat juga nih garnier, dan ga bikin kering atau rusak. hebat XD

  5. good bye blonde hair ;^;
    aku sih lebih suka liat cece blonde, soalnya cucok abis lah, tapi warna item juga keliatan ok, suka hair style nya

    1. thank you Dinaa, aku sebenarnya juga seneng blonde. tapi seperti yang aku critain tadi. di protes pacar, katanya aku tralu jauh nyebrang sungai yordan lol. (tralu jauh pindah aliran) dia suka liat aku rambut gelap. lagipula mau istirahatin rambut biar ga terus terusan kena kimia. sementara kalau mau warna harus pake wig aja ^^

      wig jaman skrg kan sudah bagus2 ya.
      eniwei thank you for visiting !