Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Favorite Song [2017]

Hello everyone, 
it's May already! woah so fast!! 
it just like I done with new year and stuff.. and now we'll be entering Summer season soon <3
 I actually want to upload some of my April fave too, but I didn't make it due my hectic schedule at work.

I finally manage to write this one, so let's jump in!

Here is some of my May Favorite song
this song also Original Soundtrack by one of Japanese Drama (been airing right now in Japan by Fuji TV)
Noble Detective or Kizoku Tantei
got position number 2 on top ten chart (by billboard.com) the song itself quite energetic and fun
2.  LOL - Boyfriend   
This band started their debut in 2015, a mixed-gender singing and dancing group under Avex Trax.
the song still in top ten for these week by Jpop asia, it took number 5 (by Jpop asia)
If you looking for easy listening song with pop genre, please check this one out. the song itself quite cheerful and fun to played during your day time at work.
3. Happy Party Train by Aqours 
From the anime Love Live! this song is one of their Original soundtrack. 
whenever I play this song I feel so lively, thanks to Aqours 
Been stay in 10 top chart japan song for april


4. Zen Zen Zense [ 前前前世] by RADWIMPS

 Definitely not 10 ten for this month chart but Being sooo much popular than it first launch,
 thanks to the movie, "Kimi no Na wa " or "Your Name" 
this song also one of their Original soundtrack for the movie.

I love RADWIMPS music, it reminds me for the first time I fell in love with Japanese song, 
yes this kind of music captived my heart along with those anime story line.
can't stand with those 'japanese style song' using lotsa lots electric guitar into their music.

but I love Jpop and ballads too hahaa.
Here I'm also sharing some of old Japanese song that I just foud lately,
I won't put it on number since it's newest song. This song I got by searching random Japanese song.
You know, I'm such Japan freak, and it's also happen to the song. 
I just feel like need to renew my collection more and more.

so here they go

I can say I'm in love with this song from the first time I found it, this song is super easy listening as expected from Back Number. from the title you know this song was put in christmas edition and mood.

another good thing is, I just done watching From 5 to 9 (which is 2015 JDrama) and surprise after I know this song was their Original Soundtrack haha. 

If you're looking for funny JDrama you can check that one out.


First release on April 2016, another good love song with deep meaning from calling someone name.
I consider it as sad song too. How bout you? what type do you think this song is?


well, I think this is all I got for May.
I'll post another fav one for next one, Hopefully I got more beautiful song.
see you later!

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