Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's Been a while dear Hometown

It's Been a while dear Hometown

Hi all
It's been a while since I've been away again, 
this chance I took a time to visit my home and my dear parents.

Since I leave home for uni, I rarely back home these days 
work matter, one of my reason.

So, Here I am! 
Took 20 days off and I took personal vacation to play and enjoy my life there. 
Just spend the day and play like those days in the past.

 Growing Up and work life makes me far away from my parents and make me missed them so much.
I think some of you who lives apart from your parents might know how I feel.

When cell phone become the only one that make you stay connected to your beloved one.
and how much you realize time flies so fast, you didn't noticed some things started to changes slowly.
That the moment and time you share with your parents now is really precious.

I'm Grateful for everything that happen in my life,
like someone say, Life is just a path of lesson.
keep moving and keep on trying

It doesn't take so long travel through plane to reach my hometown 
from my current city, it just took an hour.

Get ready which my text book and music while on the plane.

My whole holiday is full with eating, sleeping, shopping with mom and of course cooking!

My Family especially my mom is very skillful on cooking, from Indonesian food to chinese.
She also talented on created new menu for us, not forget to mention her cake also success failed my diet.

The only bad thing happen at home only thissss....
 ---> finally get daddy to fix the wifi for us, but somehow the wifi won't connect to my laptob, which is make me crazzyyy.... T_____________T

I know my laptob is kinda old hahaha, maybe that's why I can't make it. But, I brought it to home so I think I can blog a new post at home and yeah.. some things won't work as it planned to be. *sigh*

So, things changed and also my plan.
wifi only connect to my tab.. 
I started to watch my old fave anime

from cardcaptor sakura
 then the last one

Inuyasha LOL!
I live in super BIG happines watching animes all day

and sometimes watching K-Drama with mom. LOLOLLL!!

Finished 2 K-Drama at Home, 
Jam Myung GO
Cheongdamdong Alice

Holiday is soo Fun!

But please don't forget to take care your skin, 
As for me, I also often late off to bed 
just because my hometown is one hour faster than my current city
Just applied eye cream to beat those dark circle
I also applied acne gel to avoid acne.

Stay flawless!

Ups! yea, forgot to mention this picture is my daily routine look. 
Just eyebrow, eyeliner and lip color of course.

No foundation nor concealer, I just stick with my usual sunscreen.

this post is quite long enough I think, haha
well, see ya pretty!


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