Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For Eternity and Beyond

"I, take you, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life."


Happiness for me that I able to do my own makeup for my wedding day.
Ignore all those people say that I can't do it, and prove they are wrong



 Heart filled with so much joy and also anxiousity 
but gladly everything went smoothly 

 I think doing my own makeup for my day also a good choice so I can get what I truly want.
because I scared if it's not going to be the same if other person do it for me.
Since I know how to do it myself, lol.

So yeah, it's not TABOO
and I'm not kind of people who believe that kind of belief

I gathered my friends for this day, I entrust everything to them. 
Thank you my awesome teacher , Ce Olivia and ko Tomi Njoo as hairstylist.

Family Makeup by : @Mozhaacademy @olivia.stephanie

Morning look, Makeup by Me (Margylove Makeup)
Hairdo by Tomi Njoo

 Awesome Nail Design by : Kiki Caroline Nail Studio
Instagram : @kikicoroline

walk down the aisle with my only one 

after Holy Matrimony we went to lunch with all the family
and then the formal event is done here.

and here we are the Dinner event

I am not into Princess or Queen style when it's come to my own dream wedding.
I always dreaming of this private party than formal wedding.

I gathered all my bestfriend, and because I can't find another place that can contain my dream wedding style
This place is truly private, I can only invite 80 people inside


Pinterest truly enchanted me with their kinda style of western wedding dinner
I also love the idea of Fine dinning rather than chinese style round table.

Flower table decoration by PF Decoration
Thank you ce Fenny !

The Song is just addtional souvenir that I made for my guest
Yes, this one is also handmade. LOL

on my previous blog, I also share you my own wedding Invitation, 
Hubby and I want to share the joy in every single detail that I gave to my guest.

My friend, thank you for being important part of my Life.
and a True friend won't break off so easily.

Distance is nothing compared to our Bond.
Thank you for letting me see and having this feeling!


From Banjarmasin with love <3
My bestfriend since I was 3 y/o tee-hee

 Shelley, my friends and also my work partner


Hubby and His Friends
(Project Arts Plus teams)

Special thank you for Ko Stephen Tan

My bestfriend from time to time <3 <3
From Jakarta with love, thank you nana & fei2

My Girls from my 2nd home during uni, thank you for coming all the way here <3

My awesome sisters from Bali

I take you to be my bestfriend, 
my faithful partner, and my one true love.
I promise to love you and encourage you , 
Inspire you and love you truly.
through good times and bad.
I will forever be there to laugh with you,
to lift you up when you down.

and to love you unconditionally through all our adventures in life  together.
For Eternity and Beyond..


  1. Awww so lovely ce <3 <3
    Private & nice bgt acaranya ^^ glad to see everything went smoothly!

    1. thank you Shelvi <3 <3 iya say, lega lancar smua walaupun ada aja pastinya waktu persiapan. hehe

  2. Baru baca post nya cece ..
    keren banget cece weddingnya .. lebih kerasa bersamaannya . .
    Selamat cece ^^

  3. Bebiiii aku baru liat post ini hahhahaa... Aku colong poto kita selfie yaaaa

    Love, shelley

  4. Bebiiii aku baru liat post ini hahhahaa... Aku colong poto kita selfie yaaaa

    Love, shelley